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Friday, October 10, 2014

A Little Fun

You gotta love this hawk - a true lover of liberty! Score 1 for the Raptor!



  1. Ha! I love it! Thanks for a little fun Dan! :<D

  2. Thanks Dan---This is great! Hope everyone is making a little pile on the volatility. Sold off my trading positions and ready to enjoy the weekend!

  3. well they were ready to sell a usda pop!

    Corn ear population dropped slightly this month, but still at record levels; Ear weight rose above '09, but still just below '04.

    USDA dropped soybean pod population a bit, with pod weight slightly higher at new high.

    that's big dip buying on CL HG from the globex lows... well there are trillions parked in bonds.

  4. World wheat carryout down 3.79MMT v Sept est to 192.59 w/ Russia production est at 59MMT, Ukraine 24.5MMT, EU 153.9MMT.

    Wheat stocks at 654 million bushels vs 698 million last month and trade at 704 million

    wheat apparently the market has too many shorts, usa won't sell any wheat if ZW>5.00

  5. Investors worldwide poured a net $15.8 billion into bond funds in the week ended Oct. 8, marking the funds' biggest inflows in dollar terms on record.

    usually the SPX will sell down the end o day in this situation, when the NDX is this poor and adv/dec and uvol/dvol aren't bullish.

    seen blurbs: don't dare shoot down the drones when they are looking in your windows or at your backyard!

  6. 77 My question is very simple. Do you trade or just lift facts from wires?

  7. Dec14 live cattle back above 166 in a late Friday short squeeze from low o day!

    looks like cattle have methaned out the southwest usa! hee hee


  8. Haha, thanks for the great video!

    It reminds me of the movie AVATAR : nature vs machines, yeehaa!

  9. DAX already near 8800.
    One may think that this is a huge drop in daily time unit or 4 hours (drop from 9800, 10% in a few days!!) but look at the chart on a weekly time unit!
    Do you see the cliff here since we broke 9000?
    As Germany is much weaker than US (sanctions vs Russia, part of Europe, eurozone problems, etc...) for now, it is more prone to underperform SP500, etc... on the way down. Actually SP500 is probably the one which will resist best compared to any european (CAC 40, Dax 30, Bel 20, Ibex, just choose a number an short it :)).
    I'm not giving advices or sharing my trades at the moment, because I'm too busy with my other job and could make costly mistakes in my analysis, but I think that this ugly configuration on the Dax is worth noticing.
    We broke a kind of Head & Shoulders and it's one of the leading indices in Europe.

  10. SP500.
    Just a few words to come back to the scenario I was following.

    1) the break of the upwards channel (1945) was to lead SP to 1900. That's done (though with terrible whipsaw which threw me out of the market completely for this indice).

    2) I was considering the possibility of a bounce on 1900. So we will see next week, but the configuration of the DAX makes me very cautious. It just broke the neckline of a H&S at around 9000 and looks ugly on the weekly time unit. Will it pull the SP500 lower?

    3) The fact that the SP500 broke the "tendance en ligne" upward by breaking its support (and not an upwards exageration through resistance) pushes me to think that we shall have a last final rallye up towards 2000 somewhere in the not distant future. This rallye might be the last one before a change of trend and a correction of the whole 3 year upwards movement.

    4) The trend of SP500 is still up but within a longer term channel, whose support is now around 1700+. So theoretically, if all hell breaks loose, this would be my medium term target for SP500.

    I have a conflict now between the last upwards move towards 2000 and the target at 1700. I don't know where we will be headed first. I will watch carefully the DAX in germany to have a better idea in the next days.

    Have a nice weekend,

    1. Hubert, I know the feeling, I closed out of my VXX when it looked like S&P would hold 1925 (Still a respectable gain for the week)--paid for my new cairn terrier puppy, at least + had nice gains on AA puts--I stuck it out-ignored Goldman's buy rating + looked at the charts instead (double top & negative momentum reading w/ MACD + INDU looked weak).


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