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Monday, December 12, 2011

Gold Breaking down out of its triangle formation

Gold has broken down through the bottom uptrending support line in its triangular consolidation pattern but thus far is holding horizontal support near the $1660 level. Failure to hold this level will send it down towards $1620 initially followed by a test of $1600 should that fail to stem the decline.

A rebound back above $1680 is needed to reinforce the support level at $1660.

The breakdown in the Euro following disappointment over the events in Europe this past weekend has sent the US Dollar strongly higher this morning and that is pressuring many of the commodity markets in general. The CCI, or Continuous Commodity Index, has moved to a new low for the year signaling investor fears of a slowing global economy and thus a dampening off of demand for many commodities in general.

Crude oil will need to stay above the $95 level to prevent a double top from forming on that chart.