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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Equity Bulls Banking on Fed's Bernanke playing the role of the Easter Bunny

Stocks are rallying in today's session on anticipation of another round of QE to be announced by Chairman Bernanke this Friday at the annual Jackson Hole, Wyoming meeting of various monetary officials.

As a matter of fact, the commodity complex is rallying as well with the CCI (Continuous Commodity Index) moving back towards the top of its recent trading range. It certainly appears that the hedge funds are trying to send a signal to Bernanke to bring his bag of market jelly beans to the meeting.

What everyone of these reckless money changers are remembering is last year's meeting where the first hint that another round of Quantitative Easing was in the works was announced during Bernanke's speech at this very same event. The hedge funds are hoping that lightning will strike twice. Methinks that they are going to be seriously disappointed.

Politically Bernanke is in no position to announce another round of QE. If he were to try this route once again, a route which has obviously been an abject failure considering that between QE1 and QE2 over $2.5 TRILLION  was spent with nothing to show for it except a collapsing Dollar and rampant inflation in energy and food prices, he would unleash a firestorm of protest here in the US and certainly abroad by our largest creditors, China in particular.

The Chinese have already made quite clear their extreme displeasure with the impact that the QE programs are having on that portion of their reserves which are Dollar-based. One cannot continue to poke their banker in the eye without generating an unpleasant response.

I should note here something I consider extremely telling - if the equity bulls are getting giddy over the prospect of more Fed-dispensed Jelly Beans, the bond market is not buying it. Bonds should be getting hammered with both equities and commodities moving higher and the Dollar lower. Instead, they are barely lower with any dips down generating additional buying. One gets the sense that the bond bulls are just itching to snare the shorts once again and proceed to generate yet another short squeeze.

The prospect of another round of QE, instead of generating buying in gold and silver, is leading to selling. With gold being so overextended to the upside, this is welcome. With silver however it is "Heads - I win; Tails - You lose" for the silver bears. They are talking up silver as a safe haven metal which will not be needed if another round of QE is unleashed and the Fed comes to the rescue of the markets once again. The problem for those guys is that if the RISK trades come back on, then silver is going to be very difficult to keep down, especially if the copper market starts rising.

I would like to see silver keep its footing above the $42.00 level, especially after yesterday's strong showing, if it is going to move back up and revisit resistance near the $44 level.

The HUI needs to hold above 580 to prevent another round of selling in the mining shares.