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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Broad Dollar Index at a 16 Year Low; USDX at a 32 month Low

Silver - 8 hour chart update

Based on open interest numbers from yesterday's price action, we had a significant number of fresh short positions instituted in Silver on its run towards $50. Combined with record volume ( a mind boggling 319,024 ) it looks like we had a blow off top in silver for the time being. That high near $49.80 will now serve as the new resistance level beyond which silver is going to have to move before we can get a fresh leg higher in this market.

The market is now in the process of probing lower seeking to uncover support. Precisely at what level that will arise is unclear. It has found a bit of a respite from the selling near $44.60 but that looks fairly flimsy at this point. More substantial support lies closer to $43.50. Beyond that it looks as if $42 will be the next level.

To have a shot at making another run towards its recent peak, silver will have to close above $47.25, or the gap left from its Sunday evening open.