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Friday, May 20, 2011

Gold very firm in terms of European Major Currencies

While US Dollar priced gold has been holding relatively firm lately, it remains well off its recent record high near $1580. That has not been the case with gold priced in terms of the major European currencies. Take a look at the following charts and note that gold is trading very close up against its record price in terms of two out of three European majors.

What this tells us is that the metal is attracting significant safe haven buying by investors out of Europe who are increasingly concerned over the unstable financial picture of some of the member nations of the EU. These sovereign debt woes continue to unnerve investors who are attracted to gold as a place to park their wealth.

I believe that this is one of the reasons that gold in US Dollar terms will not break down technically but continues to find substantial buying on dips into the lower part of its trading range. If gold does forge ahead into new highs in terms of any of these European currencies, look for US Dollar priced gold to break out of its range trade and make a run towards $1550.

While gold priced in terms of the Swiss Franc is not as strong on its chart as the two currency-priced charts above, it is still holding very firm. The Swiss Franc is still retaining some of its historical safe haven status and its relative strength against both the Euro and the Pound, and of course the Dollar, is working to keep the price of gold a bit weaker.