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Friday, February 3, 2012

Gold Bulls unable to break through resistance

Today's payrolls number, something which I might add is more akin to an Alice in Wonderland creation, was the factor responsible for the selling in both gold and in silver. The thinking was that if the economy is gathering steam at such a fast clip as the numbers suggest, then any notion of additional QE3 is a pipe dream. That means no Dollar debasement and little to fear on the inflation front so out came the sellers in the gold market. It also did not help the bullish cause that the market failed at a critical technical resistance level.

Between the two developments, longs who have had a nice run lately, decided to go ahead and take the profits while they were still there and wait for a better buy back in point. Short sellers looking for a top were also emboldened and made their presence felt as they have been on their heels lately due to the strong buying present in that pit.

The Euro gold chart also retreated from levels near its all time high so it looks like we have some confirmation from two different charts that a retracement is occuring. We will now wait to see where dip buying emerges and how much lower the shorts can press it.

Remember that copper chart that I posted yesterday noting the stall in upward momentum just short of the $4.00 level. Goodness - it looks like a veritable orgy of buying occurred in that pit today as copper put on a ridiculous 3%+. I am not sure who in their right mind wants to chase copper higher at these levels but with the hedge funds loading up on the red metal, that sort of thing does not matter much. I find it difficult to envision a rally in copper based off a payrolls number that is highly suspect when one digs below the headline number but who cares when the hedge funds algos start eating up all the offers.