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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gold Flops

Once again the gold market has failed to respond to what should have been bullish news. How many times have we witnessed this now over the past few months? The very foundations of the Euro are being shaken and yet the metal can barely keep its head above water. Selling pressure has been that intense. One can only wonder how much of the hoard of Western Gold has been drawn upon by these monetary elites to squash the warning signal and further the illusion that all is well.

At the same time we see the US equity markets screaming to one new high after another. I mean, there really is not a single care in the world is there? I understand the tape as a trader but I swear that economic and monetary historians are going to look back at this period and wonder if some sort of bewitching spell has been cast over the minds of men.

I mentioned to a friend in passing the other day that we could have the entire state of California slide into the Pacific Ocean along that San Andreas fault line, and the S&P 500 would still move higher.

More and more the disconnect between copper and the base metals, not to mention the Dow Transports and the broader equity markets worsens. For that matter, take one look at the Continuous Commodity Index or CCI, and marvel yet some more. I have been a complete fool when I naively believed that the conjuring into existence of another $85 billion each and every month would have seen that money being moved indiscriminately by hedge funds into BOTH equities and commodities. Not so - somehow the alchemists running these Central Banks have managed to herd the investor lemmings class selectively into equities. That in itself is nothing short of astonishing,


Is it any wonder then that gold cannot seem to find its footing? While a growing number of investors/traders are coming around to seeing the US government issued CPI for the worthless propaganda that it is, one cannot argue with the commodity futures world itself where the collective judgment of the market towards commodities in general is quite evident.

Apparently, while trillions of dollars have been created, the velocity at which those dollars are changing hands is simply not accelerating. Rather than circulating through the economy in general and inducing inflationary pressures, the money merely moves from the Fed's "electronic printing presses" into Wall Street and sits there.

Looking at the gold chart, one can see that buying support is evident on trips below $1600 but the market cannot gather enough momentum-based buying to trigger the overhead stops above $1620 that need to be targeted if this metal is going to get some upside excitement going. It is rangebound once again. Bargain or value based buying provides support at the bottom of the range while technically based selling is evident above $1610. Quite frankly, at this point, I do not know what it is going to take to break the metal out of this range.

Moving along to silver, one can see the same rangebound pattern particularly on this 4 hour chart. Note that the metal cannot break through $29.25 - $29.40 on the top side but it attracts buying on trips down towards the $28 level. It too is stuck.

Following is a monthly chart of gold... On this longer term chart one can see the very broad range that has been in place for some time now, with $1800 on the top and $1550-$1530 on the bottom remains solidly intact. Gold is obviously in the lower third of that range.

Happy Easter to all my fellow Christian readers. Christ's resurrection from the dead and His ascension into heaven is proof that His sacrifice for sin has been accepted by the Father and that He was all that He claimed to be. Rejoice and my His peace guard your hearts and minds. It is certainly needed in this time of distress in which we now find ourselves.