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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gold fails at the upper end of its trading range - moves lower

Once again, the $1680 level has proved to be too high a mountain for the gold bulls to climb.Having failed there the previous trading session, it has now begun moving back down within the recent trading range testing support levels in the process.

The first level that gave way was $1660. We are now challenging $1640. If that gives way, we then move towards $1625 - $1620, followed by the region near $1600.

The HUI is absolutely no help once again as the ratio trades are back, due mainly to weakness in the broad equity markets and the dumping of risk trades.

Traders who love changing their convictions on the markets every day, ought to be head over heels in love with these markets being there simply is no "rhythm" to them. UP- DOWN; UP - DOWN, The entire world of the equity markets has gone Bi-Polar.

Technically the HUI is still in a bearish posture as it cannot get back above the 50 day moving average. That is the first strike. Until it can clear that marker decisively, technicians are going to be selling rallies.

The second strike against it is that it cannot push through the top of its recent trading range which comes in near 555- 560. Having failed there is has now moved back down towards the bottom of the trading range but has thus far failed to hold at the important 520 level. It is now vulnerable to a dip back towards 500 or even 490 once again if the broader equity markets cannot soon rally back.

Silver failed to best very stubborn resistance at $32.50, fell back within its trading range, violated support near $31 but is trying to regain that level. If it does not, it will drop back to $30.

If you want my opinion as to when all this idiocy is going to end and we are going to get some better behaved markets instead of the madness that we are now forced to witness each and every day - it will end when this stupid attempt by the Central Banks of the West to keep the liquidity spigots open comes to an end. It is this meddling by the monetary authorities, who refuse to let the markets cleanse themselves by punishing foolish decisions, whether made by countries or businesses, and rewarding prudent decisions, which is the source of this volatility. Remove that and the markets will trend in one direction or the other. That is what terrifies them and why they refuse to stop interfering with the necessary cleansing process. All they are doing however is making matters worse and guaranteeing that the day of reckoning will be all that much worse.