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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

More Selling hitting Commodities

One look at the chart says it all:

A fresh 6 + month low was made in the commodity sector earlier this AM.

Some might recall a while back I mentioned that the forward curve in the commodity markets was suggesting LOWER prices ahead, not higher prices, as the backwardation that existed in some of the major futures markets was dissolving with the structure moving more towards the typical contango structure. That was especially true between the old crop ( 2013) / new crop grains spreads.

With the US Dollar attempting to gain some further upside traction and with the commodity indices plunging, as well as the idea that interest rate hikes are coming to the US sooner rather than later, the headwinds against gold are gathering.

Gold bulls had best be thanking their lucky stars for all the geopolitical risk in place right now. Were it not for that, it is unlikely gold would be maintaining itself above key support near $1280.

I noticed that we finally got an updated number for the gold holdings in GLD yesterday. The number had not changed for nearly a week. The new number is a DECREASE of some 1.8 tons. Interestingly enough, the newly reported 800.05 tons is about the same amount that gold holdings have increased since the last business day of 2013 when the ETF reported holdings of 798.22 tons. Another way of saying this is that over the last 7 months, there has been a increase in gold holdings of a paltry 1.8 tons. Clearly Western-oriented investor demand for gold is comatose at the current time. Perhaps that will change as we move forward into Q3 of this year but that remains yet to be seen. With Chinese demand falling off and with Western investment demand on the wane, gold bulls need something to spark this market. It is very sad but that essentially means that they are either going to have to wish for, and even pray for, bad news for someone.

Knock, Knock, Knock... Here it Comes once more

By that, I am referring to the US Dollar, as portrayed by the USDX. The greenback is once again knocking on the door at the top of a nearly year long trading range. That door is up near the 81.65 level. The bottom of the range is near 79.

The week is not over yet but this far the last month has seen the Dollar firm and garnering strength as more and more traders/investors are coming around to the view that the Fed will be the first among the Western industrialized nations to raise interest rates. Today's Service Sector ISM reading did nothing to disabuse them of that notion as it was very strong; stronger than expected in actuality.

Here's the chart...

If the Dollar can manage to finally put up a Weekly CLOSE above that zone noted, it can easily run another full point and should be able to even make a push to 83. We'll see what we get come Friday of this week.

The number sent the Euro reeling. It fell through last week's low and is currently sitting right on support near 1.3370. Failure to hold here should allow a move to the stronger level of support centered near 1.330.

Once again, for the umpteenth time, the usual price predictions from the same culprits ( who never seem to tire of pulling this sort of stunt ) that silver was about ready to experience a massive short squeeze any day now have failed to materialize. I am pleading with any of the readers here at my site who continue to give these charlatans the least bit of credibility to please ignore them and study the price charts for yourself.

Here is a simple fact - they no more know the direction or the timing of the next move in silver, or for that matter any other market,  than anyone else on this planet. That they hold themselves out as those who do is cause for embarrassment and for shame but then again, when it comes to puffing up themselves like peacocks , some have no shame. Ignore them and let them go on making fools out of themselves but do not base your investment strategy around the claims of such people. They CANNOT BE UNBIASED because their livelihood depends on creating demand for their products or services. Remember that.

The charts are your friends. You may not like them or may not agree with the charts, but fighting them is a hopelessly quixotic errand that will cost you very, very dearly. I have been at this business for over a quarter of a century and while there are some markets that I know very well and trade daily, I still do not have the temerity to suggest that I know exactly when they are going to make a move or to what extent. If I did, Bill Gates would have a rival for one of the world's richest men.

The best of us are still mere mortals. Some have more experience than others and are perhaps a bit wiser but we are not omniscient. There is only ONE who is.

As said many times here before, the grace of humility is much more befitting of a successful trader than arrogance and unbounded hubris.