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Friday, October 19, 2012

Silver Fails at 32.50 Support, Attempting to Hold at $32

You can see on the weekly chart that silver failed (once again) to extend through stubbornly strong overhead resistance near $35. Having done so, it is now setting back as speculative longs are getting flushed out. Additionally, fresh shorting is occurring.

The metal looks like it wants to drift lower yet unless it can pop back over $32.50 before the weekly trading ends. If it does not, odds favor a move down towards the 50 week moving average near the $31 level. That would put it back near the middle of the very broad trading range that it has been stuck in for more than  year now and effectively leave it in limbo for a while.

Clearly the market lacks the necessary impetus to drive it higher through the stiff selling originating at the $35 level. The question is at what level it will find enough solid buying to set a floor.