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Friday, October 4, 2013

Mining Shares Continue Weak

While I would dearly love to be able to provide some bullish news for those who favor gold, unfortunately I cannot. The charts are simply not showing any reason to refute the bearish case.

Consider in particular the HUI, or index of mining shares. I have deliberately included a weekly chart to provide a longer term perspective.

Notice the second indicator which is a proprietary one that I employ - it is basically a trending indicator. What is really striking is just how bearish the price action in this sector has been for the last two years. As you can see, this indicator only flipped positive for a mere 12 weeks out of the entire period since October 2011. In other words, 12 weeks out of 104 week total. That is just horrendous!

What is most discouraging is the indicator has resumed moving lower once again as it is now down for the last 5 weeks in a row. For a brief moment, it appeared that it was going to make an effort to cross above the "0" line and become positive but hopes for that faded at the end of August.

About the only thing I can say the least bit positive about this particular indicator right now is that it has the "possibility" of setting up a bullish divergence if the HUI moves down to the previous low made in late June but even at that, it would only confirm the existence of a friendly divergence, but not necessarily an actual buy signal.

Below that indicator is the Directional Movement Indicator, another trend following tool. Note that the Red Line or Negative Directional Movement has been above the Blue Line, or Positive Directional Movement for most of the last two year period. It is currently far above that blue line even now. In other words, though the solid ADX line is moving lower indicating that the downtrend has been broken or suspended which is perhaps a better way of saying things, the bias is still to the DOWNSIDE unless or until proven otherwise.

When you look at the 50 week moving average which is over 100 points ABOVE the current price and headed lower, it is impossible to make any sort of bullish argument for this sector.

One can argue that the gold shares might be attractive from a "Value" buying perspective but the problem with that is that many expect them to fall even further yet and are certainly in no hurry to buy. Maybe in 2014... who knows at this point....

Like I said, it is very difficult to find any bullish consolation in the entire sector. What has me concerned is this bearish price action in the shares is suggesting that the worst is not over for the actual gold price. We will see how predictive these things are, one way or the other.