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Saturday, March 5, 2011

US Bonds no Safe Haven compared to Gold

One of the things about deeply ingrained responses is that they take years to form. In the case of bonds, it has been going on for decades when it comes to them being regarded as a safe haven during times of political unrest, market turmoil or even natural phenomenons.

It goes something like this - geopolitical developments makes investors nervous about prospects for growth so money flows out of stocks and into bonds as it looks for a temporary haven in which to ride out the winds of adversity.

Such moves by investors/traders become so reflexive, that they tend to occur with very little serious thought actually being given to the movement of funds. The idea is, move first, think second; after all, you don't want to be the last guy left holding the bag when the dust settles.

I do think however that this perception is changing and I might add, as taken a severe hit ever since the inception of Quantitative Easing.

Note the following ratio chart to see how poorly bonds have been performing when compared to gold.

In truth I think this is also a vote against the US Dollar since those buying US Treasuries are in effect voting for the Dollar.

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