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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Gold Bounces on Syrian Air Strike News

Looks like the news of air attacks in portions of ISIS-controlled Syria has been enough to spook some of the shorts in gold. After a ferocious wave of short-covering, gold has given back most of its gains for now.

After a near relentless decline, it was perhaps to be expected that any sort of news which might generate some safe-haven buying would run some shorts out of the market.

However, in watching the price action at this point, it does seem that any rallies are going to be viewed as selling opportunities.

Geopolitical events are always good ( generally speaking ) for bounces in gold but tend to flame out as quickly as they begin. We'll watch for now but even the Dollar is barely moving lower. Traders ( except those with the most shortest time frame ) are looking past the current geopolitical concerns and focused almost exclusively on the strong Dollar and interest rate differential advantage it possesses.

More Later.....