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Evil talks about tolerance only when it’s weak. When it gains the upper hand, its vanity always requires the destruction of the good and the innocent, because the example of good and innocent lives is an ongoing witness against it. So it always has been. So it always will be. And America has no special immunity to becoming an enemy of its own founding beliefs about human freedom, human dignity, the limited power of the state, and the sovereignty of God. – Archbishop Chaput


Monday, May 20, 2013

Today's Commentary by Trader Dan posted over at King World News

Dear friends and readers;

Eric King over at King World News has asked me to put together some commentary on today's wild ride in the precious metals markets. Please check in over at www.kingworldnews.com to read those along with the charts detailing the price action.

I need some time to go and find my stomach!

Trader Dan


  1. So glad I am not trying to trade these markets. Your neck has to be able to rotate 360 degrees to endure the whipsaw price movements out there today (let alone last night).

    Something really interesting is going on. I'm wondering who got the tap on the shoulder in the last 24 hours (and who might get one in the next 24)

  2. u write a good letter ; but trying to trade futures has become increasingly difficult and i have not lost my courage just because i am 62, but trying to trade 24/7 mkts like silver with $3 ranges is just not sensical, so i will pack it in like the rest of the retail public and let the cme whores watch volume continue to implode; let the liars show you bullshit hft figures lol; duffy should be shot along with all the rest of the exchange thieves, buffet, bernanke, and should i stop or do you get the idea? going fishing and you can deal with these busted, rigged mkts

  3. you missed Moody's threat to downgrade the US posted at exactly 12 miday and gold and silver and everything else jumped at 12:02

    1. Indeed. That could very well be the primary factor that caused gold and silver reverse course today (beside Hkmex closing the online trade for gold). Although I still suspect a lot of things happened in the backstage that spook a lot of bears.

  4. I know they do not want to hear from me. Anyhow. Dan if you let me, I want to post something for the Marines. Sergeant Julian Clement Chase,born March 28, 1990, died for our country May 28, 2012. He was a gunner mannning a .50 calibre turret protecting us real Americans. Not the GS, or Blythe Masters manufacturers of derivatives that allow people to sell this bs all over the world. Mr. Chase was a 22 year old MAN, able to hold his own, distribuiting pain to those that were attempting to undermine our marines, protecting what? I love Mr. Julian Chase, he was an American, much more than Jamie Dimon, or Mr. Blanfein, attemptint to manipulate the markets. Thank you Mr. Chase. Thank you Tom Chase his father. Thank you for your service attempting to do us good while these banker fleece us. I have had it. I am ready to use his .50 calibre against our banking cartel. They do not seem to mind selling our gold to the East. Well FU..

  5. Find your stomcach Dan, this man, young man turned man by the Marines, was in it for us. not for our bankers. The Blytyes, the Dimons, the Citigroups, the bs banking cartel, he was there in the mountains, ripping up the mountainous trees and rocks trying to protect the Americans, whoever, we are anymore? Barak Obamas?..Come on. Lets get real. Who in the hell believes these guys anymore? GS Screw you. IRS Screw you. Eric the "traitor" Holder? Come on people lets just get it on. I am sick of this manipulation. Ben Bernanke? What a joke...Mr. Tom Chase, and his son, fought for this country. Hillary you are a joke.

  6. I pray daily for our souls. Better get it up. Japan, you commited hari kari for nothing. Our government is so corrupt it is sickening.

  7. Did everyone google Sgt. Julian Chase? I hope so.Did they prey to Jesus? I hope so. Because Julian wa but tool for us, Blythe how do you feel? You do not care as long as you Linked in looks good? As long as you can say how great of an innovator you were despite the deaths of many, the wealth destruction continues. Bernanke, you too are are a target as far as i am concerned. I pray you get what you too deserve. Death, liver destruction, as long as you can continue to lie to the Americans as well as the global people then fine. Keep on exporting death, inflation, and the such rather than telling the truth. The truth is hard I know, but you soul will be much better in heaven than what you have now. I know Jamie Dimon, Mr. Blanfein, and others will not repent, they will continue their sins, and the good thing is they will rot in hell.I know I would rather see wrath of their sins executed today, but know they are so deep in their sins that that is impossible. So, I continue to slave, and protect, and work for our childrens lives. Jamie, Blanfein, Blythe, good luck in the next world. I know you dont believe based on your actions, your lies, your continued deceipt and manipulation and destruction. Sad, but I kind of love knowing you will be in hell forever for your sins. Thank god. God forgive me for my anger. It is very hard for me as my losses, both in flesh and dollars, make it difficult to forgive. Please give them what they deserve as their fruits will bear that. If anyone has the charity to deliver Mr. Chase his due, he certainly did not deserve the end he reached. Please feel free to give to the wounded warrirors in care of Julian Chase, Sgt. Marine Corps. In god we trust, In Ben we abhor, in Jamie I hate, In Blythe I hate more.

    1. White Wolf;

      I understand your disgust at the performance of the mining shares and of the precious metals but I must ask you to tone it down a tad at this point. Very few people in positions of power are able to wield it without becoming arrogant and reckless. Nothing has ever changed in the history of mankind in that regards. Leave them to God's judgment and live your life with that in mind. All you are doing is distressing yourself and ruining your serenity. They are not worth it.
      Trader Dan

    2. White Wolf,
      One of your until recently least famous singers (except South Africa), Rodriguez, said : "Hatred is too strong a feeling to waste on someone you don't like".
      I don't know if the quote is his, but it makes sense. Don't waste your energy, health and thoughts into negative feelings for those who don't deserve it.

      I also don't know if it's from him, but Sinclair answered sometime to a member of his blog : your country is not in the dirt of your boots but in your constitution.
      Defend your values in a positive way.
      You are in hell? Well maybe it's so that you can prove what you are worth.
      Please don't shoot anyone, though I think it's just frustration speaking.
      Gandhi, Luther King and others showed that violence rarely solves things better than non violence. Non violence doesn't mean passivity. If you are a christian, you know what that means.
      And if you don't feel like a Gandhi or a Luther King, guess what, it's still ok.
      Noone expects you to save the world on your own.
      Just do what you can to feel in peace with yourself, just be what you can to feel useful in a way, even if it's only to a few people, it's already a lot.
      Forget Blythe who doesn't even know you and couldn't care less, and spend your thoughts and energy into some positive thoughts and actions.
      Maybe you can't save the world, maybe you can't save the future of your country on your own, but at the end of the day, I don't think it is the point.
      Help your neighbours in the hard times coming, be a man of god and I think it will be more than enough to fulfill your life better than spend time hating bad people and cursing them. Karma will take care of them.

      I have a thought for all the ones who died defending their family, their country, their freedom. Careful not to be manipulated into the wrong war though. It's so easy to think you are on the good side. And I'm not suggesting anything here, it's really a very general statement.
      In France, one of our now dead humorists stated "the enemy is stupid. He thinks we are the enemy, whereas he is the enemy."
      What this world needs is more understanding between people, not hate built on pointing at each other's différences. But I'm a day dreamer like John Lennon, most probably...
      Anyhow, take care and god bless you.
      Take a little rest and focus on all the positive things you can do in this short life.

  8. Sorry Dan,

    It just is so abhorrant that it is tearing me apart. I wont post anymore. I know I am terribly upset. My serenity has been ripped apart for some time. I have to watch myself, but even meds are not working. I cannot stand such intrustion by our govenrment. Just remove me for awhile. I will be back in better health. It is sickening. Sorry Dan.

  9. White Wolf;

    I see no reason to remove your posting. Just try to get a firm grip on your emotions and think about what you are going to write before you hit that publish button. Funnel some of that negative energy into something constructive such as one of the many Tea Party protests in front of local IRS offices. There you will find a great many people who are very disturbed at the government's raw abuse of power and who are attempting to draw the attention of the mostly mindless American public to what is going on when governmental power is turned against those who oppose it.

  10. Dan surely it was massive physical purchases causing the bounce in the metals. Every day st the fix spot purchases are presented and for physical allocation. The charts cannot show this action which is why it seems like a surprise. The real question is whether the buying continues or whether the East wait for another idiotic waterfall attempt by the corrupt & morally bankrupt western devils.

  11. Dan, Dave Rosenberg at Gluskin Sheff believes there is a good chance the output gap in the US is closing rapidly. After being a bond bull since 2008, he thinks it is time to start selling bonds. He sees the lagged effect of CB policy resulting in cost push inflation/stagflation similar to the outcome from Arthur Burns' Fed actions in the 1970's. He has been leaning this way for the last several months. The closing output gap idea is also supposedly the thinking of some of Ray Dalio's Bridgewater folks. Dave is one of the few economists who consistently sees the future before it arrives. Who knows if he's right this time, but I wouldn't bet against him, and your observations about the markets just starting to price in inflation may be the first sign that the times they are a changin'...


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