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Monday, May 20, 2013

CME reporting Silver Trading halted 4 times last evening

I will get more info posted on this as it becomes available from the CME Group. As mentioned in the brief piece I posted last evening, volume on the collapse in price was extremely light. There was an air pocket underneath the market but once price fell towards that major support zone near the $20 level, it rebounded quite ferociously. Further aiding the buying off the lows is the fact that Copper is proving to be quite resilient.


  1. Dan -

    Is there a point where Silver canl diverge from Copper on the upside - or are they always linked together with inflation?

  2. Hi Dan,
    I wonder if this is at all related to the fall of the HKMex (now seems to be substantiated now as it is in FT)?

    I am happy as a flea to have physical on me

  3. old crop corn and beans key reversals today so far; they have been trading opposite the pm's for a long time and ignoring $ strength; i think farmers are gonna take a real drubbing not dumping at these loftly levels; average weather and you are at $4 corn, $9 beans, as hedgies finally give up the ghost on a repeat weather deal; silver bottomed today i think, and the same on plat and gold; no opinion copper

  4. Rumored margin unwind on Yen strength off comments by Japanese official. Right now silver is up 2.7% .. a 15% move since last night.

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