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Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekly Silver Chart

Silver had a very impressive weekly performance gaining more than $4 for the week and managing to squeak out a close above the 50 week moving average.

You will note that it still remains below both the 10 week and the 20 week moving averages which continue heading lower so silver is not out of the woods just yet. One would ideally want to see the metal get above both of these moving averages and see the shorter term 10 week turn higher. That would give us a shift from bearish to bullish on the WEEKLY CHART.

Also, note that downsloping line drawn on the chart that comes in very close to the 10 week moving average. That reinforces this level as resistance that the bulls need to overcome.

The MACD has been a pretty good indicator at measuring the direction and "trendiness" of this market nad it has turned up from a deeply oversold zone. While still bearish it is moving in the right direction.

A push by silver past $37 that can hold that level will turn the tide firmly in favor of the bulls and target $40 for starters.

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