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Friday, October 28, 2011

Dollar Bulls are Trapped if the RISK TRADES continue

Take a look at the following Commitment of Traders chart detailing the huge number of speculators that are positioned on the Long side of the US Dollar. There was a large amount of talk about the Dollar embarking on a Bull market not all that long ago and that combined with the Flight out of the Euro sent huge numbers of these specs rushing into the Dollar.

When the Europeans rained on their parade this week, the bottom dropped out of the Greenback as there was no one on the other side of the market to buy the Dollar from these specs who were all frantically selling it at the same time.

If the risk trades continue, the Dollar is going to come under additional selling pressure which will likely drop it down into a major support zone on the chart. If that gives way, there exists an enormous amount of speculators who are going to get hurt very badly and will be selling frantically which just might be the firepower to crack this major support zone which has been holding for the last two years.


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