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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

XAU attempting to bottom

The XAU and the HUI are both showing some good resilience at these levels. Three times over the last 4 trading sessions the XAU has bounced from off the level near 193. It is can take out 200, it should spark some short covering which will be indicative of the shares moving a bit higher from current levels as they are grossly oversold.


  1. I expect authoring this blog can at times seem a thankless task so I would like to say "Thanks Dan". You provide an excellent service to us all and it is definitely appreciated.

  2. x2 wuwei. As a new trader, I must thank you even more, Dan, for your valued contributions and analysis, especially during these crazy times.

  3. thanks for the kind words guys.... definitely some very dangerous markets these days

  4. I've been buying quality juniors and explorers at their 200DMA during this correction. Some have just kept on declining. Thanks for the encouragement that we may be turning the corner and catching a bounce.

    Au and Ag looking good early today.

  5. I too am a new trader and very thankful for your work here. Invaluable to us all.
    As of close yesterday I am seeing the development of a reverse head shoulders pattern for the $USD index.
    Makes me a little queasie.....can you comment on this please.

  6. USD cannot seem to hold above the 50dma....even with the FOMC minutes

  7. My miners are in much better shape today. Bottom in? Sure hope so!

  8. the miners are more manipulated than the metal, at least you have to deliver metal, do they ever have to deliver those shorted shares, i doubt it. if they did i don't think the shares would be a bottomless pit,


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