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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Trader Dan interviewed at King World News

Eric King over at King World News was kind enough to interview me this afternoon for some of my thoughts on the metals markets and the shares.

You can find the written interview here.

We will be doing the usual Friday afternoon Metals Wrap later this week as usual.



  1. Well Dan I understand what a frothy market is now!

    Did get my butt kicked but with your warning not as bad as I would have without.

    Thanks again for your excellent free analysis and no-BS insights here, on JSMineset and of course KWN.

    While I try and trade in PMs at the same time I am spreading the word on what the future holds for fiat/inflation among friends who don't want to meddle with metal.

  2. Hello Dan, first I am going to thank you for sharing your invaluable insight into this crazy market.
    I was asked a question by a good friend about the silver market and I was wondering if you could help us with it,
    "How many contracts do you think you would have to stand for delivery on in order to NOT have delivery made?"


  3. Thanks Dan,

    Always great to read and listen the pro!


  4. This might be a period to take focus away from
    metals, and start looking at some mining companies. UXG, MAI and CTG are all highlighted
    on KWN. This makes them great picks because they
    are in very strong hands. There are some good
    companies within the HUI and XAU, but a lot of
    investors / traders use leverage in the form of
    cfd's, etf's spread trading etc, so these non-
    levered type plays are struggling right now.
    Good quality juniors go up with the metals, but
    also go up when they make new discoveries. My
    favourite Area is the Yukon. Just coming out of
    winter, the drilling season is just beginning.
    It all started a couple of years ago with Underworlds discovery in the white gold district. Certain parts of the Yukon have similar
    geologic properties to Nevada's Carlin Trend.
    Whitegolddistrict.com is a good place to start looking, and then companies of interest can be
    investigated on stockhouse in more detail.


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