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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

HUI showing some promise of being sold out

Depending on how this thing closes this afternoon, it might be sold out. Need to watch and see. A positive close would be friendly and would probably cement a bottom in the shares at least.


  1. please hold.....Dan you were so right when you stated that small specs beware...!!! I would just like you to know, that i read your commentary to my wife each day...and the funny thing is ....she listens! You are helping the little guy...God bless you....

  2. GDX/GLD ratio reached an 18-month low this morning.

  3. Interesting that the miners are up and gold is down - looks like the long gold/short miner hedge is unwinding.

  4. We could all sense that it was coming, right...?

    I've been dripping funds into my selected mining shares all week, while keeping most of my available capital ready to average down on any further downside.

    This is not a repeat of Fall 2008, IMHO.

  5. time has come to buy GDX. 56.60--> may 5th. feel the gdx will outperform the metals. technically must be very close to bottom. fundamentally too much positive risk reward to ignore.

    good luck to all pm longs.


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