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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Crude oil will not fall apart (yet)

I find it ironic that on a day in which the overall commodity sector is getting slammed lower, crude oil simply refuses to fall apart. It is indeed lower but gives no chart signal as of yet that it has topped out. This is the ONE MARKET that the monetary officials are the most concerned about since it is the most visible one for impacting consumer disposable income.

WE had a report out today from the EIA (Energy Information Agency) that stated total US daily oil demand dropped 6.4% last week to a 17 month low of 18.3 million barrels. Included in their classification are even the minor products as well as gasoline, jet fuel and heating oil and diesel.

That is the biggest fall in a year. The soaring prices are indeed choking off demand but unlike the metals, crude has not fallen apart and broken down through its chart support levels.

We will need to watch this to see if it too eventually succumbs to hedge fund selling. Consumers of course would dearly love to see it fall as would the monetary authorities.


  1. could it be the support is due to the fact that dollars are priced in oil?

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  3. i am new and want to know how more the Oil will be fall down.


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