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Friday, April 1, 2011

Federal Reserve Loans Billions to Hugo Chavez

Actually they did no such thing but with the reports coming fast and furious out of Bloomberg this morning about Federal Reserve lendings to foreign banks, I could not resist the fictitious headline.

It is very rare that I agree with anything said by the Socialist Senator from the state of Vermont, but in this case I think he is echoing the sentiment many American citizens are expressing after learning of Mr. Bernanke and company's largesse with the what is effectively the property of the US taxpayer.  

Maybe this is the new policy - Loan 'em money first - get repaid and then bomb 'em next.

Libya-Owned Arab Banking Corp. Drew at Least $5 Billion From Fed in Crisis

Arab Banking Corp., the lender part- owned by the Central Bank of Libya, used a New York branch to get 73 loans from the U.S. Federal Reserve in the 18 months after Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. collapsed.
The bank, then 29 percent-owned by the Libyan state, had aggregate borrowings in that period of $35 billion -- while the largest single loan amount outstanding was $1.2 billion in July 2009, according to Fed data released yesterday. In October 2008, when lending to financial institutions by the central bank’s so- called discount window peaked at $111 billion, Arab Banking took repeated loans totaling more than $2 billion. ......


“It is incomprehensible to me that while creditworthy small businesses in Vermont and throughout the country could not receive affordable loans, the Federal Reserve was providing tens of billions of dollars in credit to a bank that is substantially owned by the Central Bank of Libya,” Senator Bernard Sanders of Vermont, an independent who caucuses with Democrats, wrote in a letter to Fed and U.S. officials.



  1. What a disgusting country we have become...added to the disgusting banking world, and creepy pols

    ... Time to dig in the garden for therapy, if not survival

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  3. I recommend FW Engdahl's books, for example "Full Spectrum Dominance", or "Gods of Money", which explain these geopolitical phenomena very convincingly. Google for his web site too.
    The elites want global control of oil, food and credit. All other considerations are irrelevant (like the crew in Ridley Scott's "Alien").

  4. Not welcome here in Canada, George.



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