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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Silver - 8 hour chart update

Range trade until it clears $38 and holds the level.


  1. Range trade from 37-38 and a new all time record quarterly close. Silver looks strong for the foreseeable future

  2. Agree-

    The new quarterly record is pretty huge, unless we see another Intra-quarter 1980 style parabolic blow-off and collapse again.
    I'd say we are seeing proof that the silver market has the underlying energy to push through $50 over the next 6 month to a year, and without having any of that 1980 style fanfare.

  3. The charts look great to me. After $50 is reached (possibly later this year) things will really start to roll for silver.

    Blue sky bitchez.

    Bay of Pigs

  4. You forgot something today: Jim Cramer spoke out on silver. He said some confusion things about it. He first says he bought silver and then he recommended to buy silver followed by stating that he balked at buying silver. Very confusing: Have a listen:

    The News UNIT

    I think we will see a "CRAMER RIPPLE" here in the chart over the next few days. Hopefully it will smooth out and continue to move without interference afterward.

  5. News Unit -

    Do you really think if Cramer beats his own drum markets are really affected one way or the other? What happened to Enron after Cramer was pumping it?

    Methinks if Cramer threw a stone into a large pond, there would be no "ripple"... just a wet rock.


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