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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No Mercy for Chocolate Lovers

A new war in Libya, a Spring that delays coming and now the ultimate in distressing news, Hershey is raising chocolate prices. There needs to be a 5 minute break in the trading session sometime tomorrow for a moment of grief.
This from Dow Jones....

DJ MARKET TALK: Hershey Makes Not So Sweet Price Hike

Wed Mar 30 16:28:10 2011 EDT

 4:28 (Dow Jones) Hershey (HSY) is raising wholesale prices 9.7% in response
to cost pressure, including cocoa and sugar. It'll be interesting to see how
bitter the increase will be for retailers as they enter the prime Easter candy
season, though many of those orders have likely been placed. The price
increases go into effect today, but HSY doesn't expect a material impact to
finances this year, as it backs FY11 guidance. HSY says it will help with trade
promotions and in-store merchandising to keep candy sales growing.

(END) Dow Jones Newswires


  1. Guess Hershey is not crooked enough to keep the price but reduce the size of the package they sell to their customers.

  2. I think they already downsized already! A long time ago, so we're used to it!

  3. dunno if it's Hershey's but have you seen the itsy bitsy reese's bites?

    smaller and somehow more tasty

  4. in 2008 Hershey moved all their manufacturing to Mexico ... I don't buy anything Hershey

  5. Nothing like a civil war and a cocoa logjam at an African port to pretty much put chocolate lovers on a diet. Best stock up today...


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