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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Trader Dan Interviewed at King World News Metals Wrap

Please click on the following link to listen in to my regular weekly audio interview with Eric King over at the King World News Markets and Metals Wrap.



  1. Thanks, Dan, a good interview and always good to hear your thoughts on metals actions and where they might be going.
    I also listened to Dr. Roberts on the King world news site and great comments although sobering on many different fronts. I like the fact that he is one of those that simply is taking a measured academic review of current monetary policies and offering an opinion based on his many years of 'insider knowledge" ....about 15 minutes but worth the time IMHO. http://www.kingworldnews.com/kingworldnews/Broadcast/Entries/2013/11/30_Dr._Paul_Craig_Roberts.html

  2. With all due respect, when have these PhD's been right about anything? There are quite of few "market experts" with PhD's which have been dead wrong for years, as most of them are perma bears.

    Unlike guys like Trader Dan who follow what is actually happening with price action.

    I'm amazed at these incessant "sky is falling" predictions.

    The exception is Nouriel Roubini who finally saw the light, purchased a swank NYC condo with his millions, and now surrounds himself with beautiful women.

    Notice how he has been notably absent from the gloom and doom scene, now he knows better...

    In fact, the "terrifying destruction", the "frightening collapse" and the "astonishing crash" has already been in place.

    In the gold mining sector.


  3. Mark, "terrifying destruction" the "frightening collapse" and the "astonishing crash" pretty much described the DOW S&Ps circa 2009 a mere five years ago. History may not repeat but it sure rhymes, the precious metals sector has got that 2009 feel about it now. Buy low sell high and you can continue to LOL as the DOW S&PS resume another "terrifying des... etc. etc.

  4. Pastor Williams has warned that the collapse will be in Q1 of 2015. The $ £ € and Yen are to go and be replaced by the Renminbi, Ruble and German Mark which was minted and printed five years ago. Germany can switch to Marks in a week-end.

    British Police have been trained in anticipation of Martial Law. The British Military are about to be trained.

    The Elite want to destroy our wealth by suckering us into a false sense of contentment.

    The collapse will apparently be caused by overnight Interbank Interest rate suddenly being increased and causing derivative rates to rise; thus the collapse.

  5. Hackett, guys have been making those type of predictions for years.

    One can go broke trying to pick a top waiting for the "inevitable collapse", LOL...

  6. If you go onto youtube there are thousands of outdated, "collapse in 2013", "dollar ends in 2012" "gold to hit $500000000 by end of 2013"

    Thats not to say it won't all happen y'awl

    Now where the hell did I store those bloody bitcoins

  7. Time to trade DUST and NUGT if it's going to be a jumpy week.

  8. After a 2 year bear market, and a 700 point drop in price, one has to wonder, who is still left that has to sell gold?

  9. Gold already getting sold, back under $1,250, probably in sympathy with the Bitcoin crash.

    Everyone now rushing back into U.S. Dollars.

    However, Bitcoin has already surpassed gold's % gain, so anyone who bought earlier this year is still way, way ahead.

  10. Even on a sunday night, it looks like someone is dumping gold and silver without any regard for price. Its a pattern that has been seen for some time now. No has to wonder where the bearish forces can take them down to.

  11. Peter Munk built Barrick Gold Corp. (ABX) into the world’s largest gold producer by expanding into Africa and South America. Now former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. President John Thornton is betting on China to help revive the beleaguered company’s fortunes.

    At a Dec. 4 board meeting, Thornton will be confirmed as Barrick’s next chairman, succeeding Munk, 86, who plans to retire at the Toronto-based company’s next annual shareholders meeting after three decades, according to people familiar with the situation.


    Thornton has no mining experience, but worked at GS for 23 years.

    Why would anyone invest in any mining shares? I keep saying that the largest miners are controlled by the globalists, and profit and shareholder returns are secondary to helping the globalists to manage the gold price.

    It looks as if the globalists are in the running to pick up ABX for pennies after some more "mismanaged" operations.

    ABXs operations may have been mismanaged for the average shareholder, but its balance sheet destruction is being carried out with military precision.

    1. Hi Eph,

      I read your previous links.
      As I thought, it's far away from mainstream thinking...which doesn't mean it's a bad thing :)
      Only makes me curious about Sinclair (who often refers to his ex-colleagues as true demons, don't know if it's just a matter of speaking :)).

      How could he not anticipate this decline from 1800 to sub 1200 (and maybe more)? What's wrong with his scheme of thinking, that he underestimated those guys that much? ( I mean obviously the market didn't go down from 1800 to 1200 only because of manipulation, but the latter helped hedge funds choose the direction when 1520 broke as a support...and I'm still unsure it could be a hedge fund which sold 500 tons of gold in one day)

      And if "globalists" are so powerful, then are gold holders safe if they bought gold through Bullion Vault, Gold Money and the likes? Those companies are also a nice way to trace who owns what. Is it a "safe" way to own gold and keep it from being taxed crazy the day you want to sell some? Same for SGPMX.

      Anyhow, the big battle is about to begin, at 1225 $ if we get back there again...

    2. Hubert you ask a question I have had about Sinclair, Sprott and others how did they not see the type of decline we have had. On the upside Sinclair was like an oracle on the downside he is an excuse maker and in denial at the moment. I do feel he is relevant but discussing what has gone wrong in gold the last two and a half years would be the right thing to do and in addition what he really sees going forward. I think Sinclair no longer knows or feels confident of the timing and how long gold will be on the defensive. It could be several years out if you believe Armstrong who has moved the goal posts as much as any of his peers but is far more arrogant than Sinclair.

    3. Concord Jim does discuss what has gone wrong in gold last 2 years - manipulation. And that's what he is sticking to no matter what, better that than a tarnished reputation as "Mr Gold"
      Didn't he even try to sue over it, and whatever happend to that?

  12. Wow, another gap down in GLD and GDX this morning.

    The "Terrifying Collapse" in this sector continues.

  13. Eph
    While I don't necessarily disagree with your views I would like to better understand who these globalist are and your view of their goals.
    Thornton for instance could be a needed entry into financial assets and engineering.

  14. If gold takes a big dump while the DOW finally corrects miners will get hit exceptionally hard, could be the buying opportunity of a lifetime. Time will tell, but I would keep the powder dry. JMHO

  15. For you Martin Armstrong fans.
    Martin's latest on the Dow is eerily similar to what he said about gold.
    He said it's looking tired and It "could" correct down blah blah. However he never changes his outlook that it "should or could" go to 32k.
    So…if the Dow goes into a vicious correction will Armstrong then start a months long tirade against the stupidity of people who listen to the Dow promotors who only say "BUY".
    I always like to read the archives of analysts. Take browse through Armstrong's and tell me if you see anywhere where he advises gold investors (whoops I mean goldbugs) to SELL. I mean he makes a point of mentioning gold in just about everyone of his posts now..usually to slam it and the poor slobs who still have some. He also states time and time again there is a time to buy and a time to sell.
    So Martin, is it time to sell the Dow? or does your free public service include that type of advice ? Or like gold will you continue to change the rules? you started out saying a possible 3-4 month correction, that expanded to 2 years, now it's 3 years (along with the daily venom on how stupid someone his who holds any gold)
    We all have to be very careful on what we read and follow…no matter who it comes from !
    Start reading from 2010 onwards…very interesting.

    1. Dean; He is a letter writer and has an opinion on everything in Planet Earth. He does not even write grammatically correctly and often misspells. How unprofessional is that? He claims to be in demand by the powers that be and once was a hotshot trader and now he is going to start teaching others. You know what they say, "those that can, do; those that can not, teach; and those that can not teach, consult". He is just another guy out there, nothing more, nothing less. That is all from sparks, nv

    2. Actually he does, Dean "Currently, our projections for the Dow are 20,000 for 2015.75 with the extreme being 32,000. It seems that the 32,000 is more likely hit on the next cycle, for if that were to be reached on this cycle in 2015..." I don't see a problem with changing forecasts along the way...It keeps one solvent. This is how cyclical forecasting is no different than technical analysis.

    3. Armstrong called 1150 gold since 2011, that's what made him so unpoplur with the permabulls. 1150 was also his minimum target. End of 2012 he even said it would come 1st quarter 2013 - close enough. And that wasn't his opinion it's what his ECM computer showed. Don't care what anyone says about him that's a pretty amazing call and proved all the gold idots wrong - and is there ever a long list of them.

    4. Never trust a guy who says he has built a computer that can tell the future.

      Forget all these so called experts. They don't know any better than you or me. Make up you own mind.

    5. You're dead wrong, just read his biography and credentials. I'm not saying he is God and infalliable, but by far the best out there.

      Other than Dan, of course ;)

    6. MDLGTO

      I understand changing targets, as far as I know he still has not changed his target of $5k gold by around 2016.
      He is now indicating that the Dow could correct just like he said gold would (which is normal market behavior) so if the correction in the Dow is nasty and goes longer than he thought (no problem changing forcasts..right?) is he going to start to carp on about how stupid everyone was for only buying and never selling the Dow? Especially since he was one of the Dow pumpers...Just like he was with gold...YES...he pumped gold as being a good asset.
      Elijah - Sinclair called 1650 gold by Jan 2011, I believe he made this call around the year 2000 when gold was under $300. Just thought I would mention this if we want to compare amazing calls. Jim was about 6 months off...Armstrong's year old call now 8 months off and counting.

      So, you are a hero right up to the point you become wrong.

      I am with Concord...how did Sinclair, Sprott etc. get this correction so wrong. Even Armstrong initially underestimated it.
      All of them are expert traders with access to some of the best analysts and information (including inside) in the world...go figure.

      Anyway...if Armstrong is starting to show some wariness toward the Dow I would pay attention..it could either be the usual one day dip or it could be a multi-month terror show.
      If it's a horror show drop just be prepared to endure Armstrong calling you stupid if you didn't get out in time.

    7. Dean I'm aware of Jim's 1650 call 10 years out - and yes that is great. But also where the whole problem there lye.
      People listened to Jim no matter what after gold peaked in 2011, I remember he would write things like "gold is going over 2000 with extreme violence" on some news. And why not beleive him I'm mean he is Mr Gold and just called 1650 10 years out.

      But isn't that how it always is, a guru gets a big call right and eveyone listens on the next one, which he get WRONG. As everyone hung onto to their gold and mining shares for dear life, and GOTS. And here are the gold bugs 2 years later completely annhilated. So what happend? - it was MANIPULATION, come on.

      Besides, Armstrong was there in the 80's to and not only called the top in gold as Jim did, but also what DAY it would top and got it bang on as per his ECM computer.

      He also called the 1987 crash to the day. Very impressive stuff.

    8. Elijah
      I agree with you, I am glad I never went too far overboard on gold, although at this point having any gold related item at all is a liability.

      But here we have it, Armstrong has never changed his position that gold will hit $5k or more, he also has not changed his Dow 20k to 32k.
      So...this means that you can back up the truck on both, go 100% in and relax. When Martin's targets are reached..simply sell.
      Easy peasy !

    9. Armstrong called the exact DAY of market tops twice??? LMAO. Real easy to say you did after the fact.. Where's the proof?

      Claiming his ECM computer can predict the future with this type of accuracy is laughable. Those falling for this nonsense will get burned.

    10. As I said before read up on him. Here is an eye witness testimony to his 1987 crash:


      "I was at your conference in Princeton the weekend of the 1987 Crash. You said there the S&P 500 would fall 10,000 basis points within two days."

      I guess the next thing to say is its staged and that's one of Marty's friends?! Well I've come across other such testimonies.

  16. 1225...again :(
    The closer we get from 1180, the more nervous the poor bulls.
    A good dynamite sell like in mid april is possible...

  17. To be more precise :
    - daily time unit, Bollinger bands are now both goind down, MACD 9 20 7 just failed to cross (bearish as well)
    - weekly time unit : Bollinger are starting to divert (phase 2), so the inf bollinger band is now weaker and weaker as a support. MACD 9 20 7 made a great third bounce right under its propagation axis...bearish.

    I see only bearish signals.
    My last long was at 1270 as you know, for a few points of profit in final.
    I am even more inclined to go short now than I was a few days ago, as at that time at least on the weekly time unit, there was still a chance to see 1235-1240 support area hold. It did, and the bounce is already over.
    I'm hedging again my physical position, because we are close from 1200, and if the lows break, we could accelerate down like in april towards 1100.
    T.A led me to be bull in june at 1200. T.A kind of tells me at least not to be bull and rather to be bear at the moment, whatever my feelings about fundamentals and my sadness to see a bitcoin soon to be worth more than an ounce of real physical gold. People are completely lobotomized.
    And that is all from du Haut, Hubert - 1 $ royalty for Steve :)

    1. Last week I was buying DUST and GLL.
      Glad I did.
      I have no idea who would be buying mining shares right now.
      You would need to have balls of titanium, but, those who are may be handsomely rewarded at some point.

  18. make enough calls and some will be right and the sheeple can either remember all the wrong ones, or the right ones; sparks

  19. "It was responding to a 47.1 percent year-on-year jump in gold imports to $200.2 million in the first half of 2013 and the measures proved extremely effective"
    Very effective? Then it's easy to curb gold's demand :(


  20. Anonymous the first time I'd heard of Armstrong I took the same attitude as you. In addition I bought the gold bug story that he was released from jail so he can bash gold and talk it down for the powers that be, LOL!

    I bet if he wasn't in jail he would have made the same call Jim did on 1650 gold, and might have even been closer.

    1. Elijah

      No question, the man is good.
      This is why I am watching his comments on the Dow closely where he is talking about a possible phase inversion...I gather that means doing the opposite of what we are expecting.
      We shall see what unfolds so be on your toes in the Dow.

      The only thing that bothers me is that if the Dow does do a nasty at this point, someone will write in months later stating "I followed your advice and sold all my Dow holdings in the first week of December"
      He only warns and uses "could", "should" , "possibly" etc. as far as I know he has never written in plain terms like "sell your gold and buy Dow" like the poster you referered to.


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