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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Trader Dan Interviewed at King World News Markets and Metals Wrap

Please click on the following link to listen in to my regular weekly audio interview with Eric King over at the KWN Markets and Metals Wrap.



  1. Hi Dan,

    Been listening to these for a couple of years, thanks - some great commentaries.

    With regards to Gold CoT, Swap Dealer and Other Reportable movement, do you think it is likely due to a reclassification of trader(s) from Other Reportable to Swap Dealer?



  2. Gold is knocking at the $1320 door again.

    This time, in my opinion, the door is wide opened and gold should go through with a vengeance.

    I would add that what is going to happen in Egypt this coming week, should be positive for gold... Sad story (dead people) but this could increase the possibility of Israel attacking Iran and again be pushing gold a lot higher before the end of this year.

    This is a time where T.A. has no value. Fundamentals are taking over the manipulation.

  3. Could see a huge island bottom on GLD and SLV if futures hold up tonight and those ETF's gap up on the open.

    Hang Seng up 300 right at the open, looks like the Dow will be screaming up to 16,000 soon.

  4. Was about to post this chart about silver (first target 22$) should we break above 20.60 $, but we are alreasy at 21 $ at the open :)
    Still, if prices were kind enough to correct a bit towards 20.60, I'll probably buy there, aiming at 22 $ and above.


  5. Gold went through $1320 and is now UP to $1343.
    IF we close above $1343, the next target are, in my humble opinion, $1386 and $1412.

    Are summer doldrums days over? I do hope (think) so. Not because of technical analysis but because of political and economic reasons.

    September/October is going to be busy in Europe (I expect strikes in many parts of Europe). Syria, Egypt, Lebanon are going to be "hot spots"... Gold should continue to shine.


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