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Friday, March 1, 2013

Strong Weekly Close for the US Dollar

The USDX has been unable to clear the 81.50 level for some time now, though it did close right on it last week. This week however was a different story as the Dollar powered through this resistance breaking out of a 5 month long sideways pattern. It should be able to make a run to at least 83. If it can push past there it stands a good chance of heading to 84. That should be a big test of the currency. If it clears that, it will begin a trending move to the upside.

Hard to believe isn't it considering the fact that next to Japan, the Fed has been the biggest debaucher of the currency in terms of the sheer size of money creation it has embarked upon. It just goes to show how rotten the Yen, the British Pound have become and possibly the Euro might be. In other words, the US Dollar is the lesser of the evils.

Let's see, the US is running a $16 Trillion+ deficit with its leaders unable to agree on slowing the rate of spending (note that i did not say CUT SPENDING) by less than TWO CENTS on the Dollar and yet the Dollar is the currency of choice. Absolutely amazing is it not?

Note the ADX below (the dark line) is turning up from a very low level indicating the possibility of the beginning of a trending move. This line will need to to climb above 20 to indicate that this is anything more than a grinding move higher. Momentum however is positive.


  1. From a technical analysis perspective, where does up trend end. Seems that 86 would be tops.

    This event could be what could easily push the gold price to test near 1522.

    They are debauching the currency but that is the way great wealth is transferred from below to above. It's all working the way it is suppose to work.

  2. Saw the Euro do this when it made a major bottom in the 0.8200 range. Made a SHS followed by another right shoulder bottom. USD could possbily be doing this in reverse unless it takes out the head....


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