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Friday, November 23, 2012

Trader Dan taking some time off from the KWN Metals Wrap this Weekend

I am taking some R&R this weekend so will not be doing my regular weekly radio interview with Eric King over at King World News but please tune in regardless and listen in to Bill Haynes and my substitute for this week as I think you will enjoy the broadcast.


  1. Come back soon, you're already a fixed part of my weekends. :P :D

  2. Enjoy your break Dan, but hurry back as I and many others look forward to your market insights and expertise as well as your general commentary regarding the economy and other important matters of interest.

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  4. Enjoy your holiday Dan, you deserve it.

    My mouth is still agape at how easily Bernanke was able to:

    1) Crash gasoline prices just in time for th election

    2) Crash gasoline prices even further just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    3) Incite a massive buying panic into U.S. Treasuries and muni-bonds at a time when we are piling up deficits faster and faster

    4) Keep stocks levitated despite the worst economic news in 50 years with earnings of major Fortune 500 companies tanking

    Hopefully, the boys over at King World News will comment and weigh in on this fantastic economic feat one day.

    1. Mark;

      I had thought that we would not see the system endure in its current mode back when things began to unwind in 2008. It is indeed a testament to the fact that the Fed's money funny, combined with what amounts to the same thing being done by the ECB, the Bank of England and the Bank of Japan, is able to trump the massive indebtedness that will eventually undermine us all.

      You have to shake your head in astonishment and wonder that today's crop of investors could care less about debt. The US can keep sinking deeper and deeper into this morass, but it no longer fazes most of them. It is surreal.


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