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Monday, November 12, 2012

Gold Stymied Once Again at $1740

Gold continues to attract more sellers than buyers near the $1740 level once again reinforcing that zone as the next important chart resistance level that needs to be taken out if the market is to have a legitimate chance of making yet another run to $1800.

At the present time, it continues to retreat with dip buyers planning their next point of entry. Keep in mind that a lot of guys were leery about chasing this market higher after it first collapsed in price about 10 days ago and then came roaring back after the US election. That sort of extreme volatility is enough to chase away even the most battle-hardened of traders.

There should be a pretty good floor of support as the market descends lower towards the $1700 level.


  1. Dan,
    Any thoughts on a cup and handle pattern in gold or silver? Today's action seems like the cartel's attempt to take advantage of low volume and beat down the prices some.

  2. Why did u delete my comment about the paper pm markets being complete fakery??

    1. Unknown - try submitting the comment again. I have no idea what might have happened to it as I did not delete it.

      Trader Dan


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