"When misguided public opinion honors what is despicable and despises what is honorable, punishes virtue and rewards vice, encourages what is harmful and discourages what is useful, applauds falsehood and smothers truth under indifference or insult, a nation turns its back on progress and can be restored only by the terrible lessons of catastrophe." … Frederic Bastiat

Evil talks about tolerance only when it’s weak. When it gains the upper hand, its vanity always requires the destruction of the good and the innocent, because the example of good and innocent lives is an ongoing witness against it. So it always has been. So it always will be. And America has no special immunity to becoming an enemy of its own founding beliefs about human freedom, human dignity, the limited power of the state, and the sovereignty of God. – Archbishop Chaput


Friday, August 17, 2012

Ancient Rome had Nothing on Modern Day America

Historians have chronicled the decline of the Roman Empire detailing in great extent the internal rot and moral decadence that helped speed its eventual fall. The lack of ethics and virtue was bemoaned even in those days by some of its leading philosophers/statemen.

I find it therefore rather disconcerting to see the the eerie parallels between the symptoms of rot and decay prevalent in Rome before it fell and the current US financial system, which has become a cesspool/stinking outhouse in terms of any vestige of decency and integrity.

Witness the case of one Jon Corzine, which if there was any semblance of justice and virtue left in the current administration's Justice department, would have swiftly be sent to prison where he could play "drop the bar of soap" with his fellow inmates.

With that in mind, take a look at the following article and see if you can constrain your feeling of righteous revulsion.

Guilty As Sin And Free As A Bird – Corzine Edition

He Simply Doesn’t Know Where The Money Is, But He’s Bored And Feels Like Starting A Hedge Fund

Hey, I’ve got good news and bad news this fine and wonderful morning. The good news is that there may well be a new investment opportunity for those of us eager to improve our financial means. The bad news is that it consists of a hedge fund run by none other than Jon “I simply do not know where the money is” Corzine.


  1. Very true. But even more enlightening is a look at the biological and racial development in history. What almost no historian is recognizing, is the fact, that the destruction and decline of an empire in 90% of all cases is accompanied by the biological/ethnical destruction of the ruling blood.
    Genocidal multicultural ideology in the West today, nothing else than the vanishing will to preserve the own genes who built up the empire, in history always has been highly correlated with decadence.

    Every nation can be reborn, every culture can be revitalized, every kind of descent can be stopped - but once the biological, the racial base of the founders of this culture becomes destroyed, the culture is doomed.

    Will the white people recognize, that antiracism is a codeword for antiwhite-racism? Will they care? Or will they prefer the well-being of every other race over their own? That's the decisive question if the USA, if Europe will recover, or if it will go the route of the whore Babylon.

    1. oy vey,
      Look at the three of the five good emperors:
      Trajan-non patrician from Hisapnia Baetica (mugblood if there ever were one)
      Hadrian- from Seville (though Italianate family) and gasp, gay.
      Marcus Aurelius--family from Spain.
      So definite corruption of the Roman blood. And yet, Rome endured for centuries afterward.

    2. Congratulations on trying to turn it around to blaming your wondrous superior 'white overlords' of the western world.

      You're no better than Corzine. After all, its nothing to do with you, right?

      Your prize is in the post.

  2. Yes, the US, in fact the West, is on the same downward path as the late Western Roman Empire. Some examples:

    - The Romans debased their currency like we have debased the dollar;
    - Roman citizens were so hard pressed by taxes and regulations that many defected to the Goths like those today that are giving up on the West and looking to or moving to the East.
    - Massive immigration/invasion of peoples that eventually took power from the Latins like the massive Muslim invasion into Europe since the Euro Arab Dialog started in the 1970's (Europe will be dominated by Islam by 2030), and the massive Hispanic invasion into the US (their political movement has already started for the break off of the southwest US into a Hispanic dominated Aztalan).
    - The collapse of the legacy of the Latin core people that built the empire, like today in the US that treats its Constitution like toilet paper and has trashed and demonized its founding generation and principles.

    I also concur with the Endzeit posting. In our super-PC anti-culture he says what is not supposed to be said, but he is right. Truth is truth, and needs to be said.

    1. 'massive immigration' lol.

      So..the rampant rape and pillaging, and genocide of the originalred indians by whitey was fine, but..gods forbid if the black man start taking up residence in North America, with the right to vote, and not be enslaved.

      Congratulations, you too are a winner.

      Your prize is also in the post.

      *hey Dan, so..err, what side of the fence you on here?

      You with the white supremicist commenters here, or you think its 'da immigration too'?

  3. All in the name of political correctness. Obama and his cronies will do whatever it takes to sell out to all the minority positions, most, are downright criminal positions, and he really does not care. Nor do the people that are getting advantaged. If this election goes to the thieves, socialist, psychopaths that the press raves behind, there are americans moving out of country, and out of the progressive states. A mass exodus of wealth will leave. Why should they stay? Wow, Corzine. Who in their right minds would ever trust their wealth to him? He is a complete thug, who was either completely "stupid" or "guilty of stealing". Just like Obama's original crack economic team. They called 6% unemployment, deficit reductions, and steak and potatos for all. Guilty of stupidity or complete liars and thieves. Where are all of they? Gone to their liberal bastions to teach, write, or in Corzine's case steal and Rahm's case plunder. I am so sorry for the "current state of the union". I think we are ready for another Thomas Jefferson moment.

  4. One thing that my personal experiences on this planet thus far have taught me is that greedy a**hole-like behavior is not the exclusive territory of any particular race of people. The culture of avarice and greed is a lifestyle that has been chosen by men and women of all races and religions.

  5. Er, is this a White Supremacist site now? Dan: I find it difficult to believe that you would willingly tolerate these kinds of contributions to your blog. Apart from the fact that it violates your Google Blogspot terms of service, this kind of discourse is simply unacceptable to any rational or non-prejudiced reader. I hope that your (otherwise excellent) site isn't going to start to be influenced by such racist claptrap.


    1. Way too much freedom of speech left, eh?
      Disgusting are the idiots, that do not recognize into the totalitarian regime the western world has been transformed and that are calling for even more censorship.

      I applaude Trader Dan of being able to DISCUSS instead of practizing censorship.
      It are "clever" people like who, why the Corzines reap you off, because the concept of "political correctness" is nothing else than to shut up the majority and to exclude any opinion that could become a threat to their system.

      Yes, multiuculturalism is a system to rule like excluding important aspects of political wrongdoing from the discussion.

      You are living in a cage and demand even stronger iron, while the Corzines piss into your cage...

  6. Endzeit, your ignorant post disgusts me. It is clear as day to everyone who has their eyes, ears and most importantly mind open that the ruling class have destroyed america by selling out to Central banks over and over again over the 200+ year history of the country. The greed and corruption on display in the upper echelons of wall street and washington DC have nothing to do with giving minorities rights or being PC and everything to do with rich greedy people manipulating a festering system to skew the productivity of the nation ever more in their favour.

    1. It disgusts you?
      How can someone dare to talk about the blood, when discussing about the decline of empires and high cultures?
      Disgusting is the narrowmindedness of politically "correct" idiots, that are shocked or ashamed by free and open speech, while they don't even recognize into what a kind of braindead pawlowian dog he has been transformed!

      What did you disgust?
      That i use the word RACE?
      Their existance is a biological REALITY, while Stalin's preferred biologist, Lyssenko, who defined DNS as obsolete, is the idiot and everyone else, who thinks, that it's random where someone could be born. No it's not random, because it are the parents that determine it.
      And if i talk about RACE also EVOLUTION comes into play.
      Also a fact, that the marxistic political "correct" rulership of idiocy does not allow.
      Evolution as the reason, why black people never had the selection of social behavior from the ice age.
      So what is more disgusting?
      Claiming everybody equal, or respecting the facts, that nature doesn't know equality?

  7. To all;

    It sure did not take long before the name calling and accusations began. That is too bad because it prevents a serious discussion of the issue.

    Endzeit - I do not think it is a race issue that is contributing to the decline of our nation but rather a morality issue. Race is irrelevant in such a discussion. There are just as many corrupt whites as there are corrupt members of other various races on the planet.

    What I am speaking of is not related to race as the source of the decline of the culture but rather the decline of the nation is related to its ethics, its code of conduct, its virtue or lack thereof.

    Ancient Rome fell in my view first because it rotted from within then it fell from without. The early days of the Roman Republic were vastly different in their ethical climate than its latter days.

    I see America in much the same light. Greed, avarice, laziness, an entitlement mentality, loss of the work ethic, lack of self discipline and therefore loss of self control envy, resentment, class warfare, etc, all these are symptoms of the moral rot which infects our land. Our Founding FAthers themselves recognized this when they said that our Constitution was devised for a virtuous and moral people. The reason - because if people cannot FIRST govern themselves, their own passions, etc, then how can they be expected to elect the proper kinds of leaders? Answer - they cannot. The system will evolve towards tyranny.

    This is my mind is why the financial system is so corrupt. How in anyone's sense of justice, could a man who presided over an institution that stole millions of dollars of customer money, walk away without being completely and utterly disgraced in the public eye. Never mind the fact that trying to prove the case in a court of law is one thing. However in a just society where virtue is honored and integrity is priced, the court of public opinion would heap such volumes of scorn and contempt upon him, that never again would he be able to ply his duplicity in the public arena.

    Point number 2 concerns the failed clearing firm PFG Best. We learned that its owner for more than 20 years defrauded his customers by falsifying records and other pertinent data. What kind of perverse, conscienceless cretan could do such a thing and sleep at night let alone show his face in public?

    Point number 3 - this week we learned that a federal judge basically sided with a bank over the rightful owners of customer monies, namely the customers themselves. AGain, what kind of warped reading of the law could possibly vomit out such a convoluted judgement?

    This is all about ethics and righteousness. "Righteousness exalts a nations but Sin is a disgrace to any people". Our nation is no exception.

    1. it is not even a moral issue, because morality is the product of religion. it has always been a religious issue. the reason why america did so well is because it was birthed by reformation Christianity which is inseparable from a self-conscious moral and ethical imperative. the 'great awakening' of 1740-1743 was the spiritual seedbed of the founding fathers and that whole generation willing to die for the truth because the 'great awakening' revitalized the truth of Jesus Christ in their lives. as the Lord and Saviour said, 'know the truth and the truth will set you free'. but, free from what? free from the kingdom of lies that is the kingdom of the Evil One. when one is set free from that bondage, it unleashes a hunger for truth in all levels of human life. the founding fathers fought to make the rogue king george 3 conform to the law of the land, expressive of the truth rendered in that great tome written by samuel Rutherford in 1657, 'Lex Rex', the law is above the king. that book the last nail in the coffin of 'the divine right of kingship' political philosophy. the rogue king was trying to reassert it, supported by a compliant parliament. Sound familiar, because it ought to? Ruling by executive order and bypassing our legislature which does not resist the overreaching executive branch is a mirror image of what inspired our war for independence 236 years ago. What the country needs first to happen is a second great awakening, a wholesale return to the worship of the true God as described in the Bible. from that turning back to their first love will spring the recrudescence of the moral and ethical imperative so longed for by Dan and others on this site. one cannot happen without the other. Check out 2 Chronicles 7:14. the promise is there, and God's promises are always kept.

    2. Dan,
      "What I am speaking of is not related to race as the source of the decline of the culture but rather the decline of the nation is related to its ethics, its code of conduct, its virtue or lack thereof."

      One cannot be understood without the other.
      Why do you think is Latin a dead speech? Because the blood disappeared.
      Why is today's Greece no longer a high culture? Because the Hellenic blood vanished.
      Why are today's Agyptians camel-riders and not the geniuses that built the pyramids? Because the blood that built the culture vanished.

      Ofcourse there are different reasons, why cultures disappear, because it's also possible, that they still are healthy, not decadent and try to protect their blood. But they can be to weak against a stronger enemy. As example take the Native Americans. They just had no chance, they fought almost to the last man. Their defeat and the desctruction of this culture is not a result of inner degeneration.

      The Spartians also had the problem of losing important wars.

      But the Romans from your example, are a TYPICAL example of vanishing blood. As rulers they lost their soldier spirit and began to prefer to enjoy life. To keep their living standard, they began to free the slaves. After this the cultural borders were destroyed, the religion of the Christians influenced them more and more and soon they allowed their women to mix up with the former slaves.

      The USA was founded by white, mostly germanic christian people. The more this biological element becomes reduced, vanishes, the country will change, too. It's completely nonsense to belive, that the USA would not change into something completely different, if the population is changing.

      You don't need to believe me. Look at the reality. Look at South Africa. Only complete ignorants can believe, that this country will stay a country with a white culture. Ofcourse it has been turning and it will turn more and more into a black country. BTW, i think it's the good right of the African people, to get their countries back.

      You believe into the myths of the founders of the USA. But the laws of nature are valid, even for political systems, that deny the laws of nature. This means, that if the US-system is not capable to preserve the racial structure of it's population, the eternal laws of biology will change this country into something different.

      Therefore it is anbsolutely impossible that the USA could see a revival of their old virtues, if the population is no longer there, who created this culture.
      Look at S.A. There you can observe the laws of nature and NOTHING in this world, no political "correctness" and no marxistic dreaming, even if it is written down as a freemason constitution, can prevent the natural development.

      The homo sapiens sapiens is part of the nature as every bird or every worm. We cannot escape the laws of the creator. If only can respect them and try to make the best from it, or we can ignore them - and pay the price.

  8. Justice for the thief should now come from the people that he robbed..pure and simple...


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