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Monday, April 30, 2012


Traders continue to chatter about the so-called "FAT FINGER" trade in gold that occurred early this morning, a trade which dropped the gold price $15 in minutes and consisted of an order of 7,500 contracts. Many seem to agree that it was a trade placed in error.

The problem is that we also witnessed a similar surge in the volume done in the nearby silver pit at the exact same moment. Note the time right after the 5:00 AM hour (Pacific time) on the following 5 minute chart and see how large the volume was compared to that for the remainder of the session.

No matter who did the trade, ( I remain of the opinion that this was a raid designed to knock the metal lower in hopes of creating a cascading running of downside sell stops), the fact is that it failed miserably. Besides, if it was a "FAT FINGER" ( a trade placed in error) how did the same fat finger knock silver down so sharply? Was that too a simple "error".

Note how both metals recovered the losses and added some additional gains even with the mining shares weaker and the broader equity markets lower. Even copper was lower today for a while before it too moved higher.

I still believe that traders are becoming more convinced that another round of QE is coming sooner rather than later. At least that is what is being reflected in the price action.


  1. Dan,

    Do you have a screen shot of the 7,500 GC trade? I am doing some volume comparisons and it would assist greatly. I will share the results with you if meaningful.


  2. S Roche;

    I am posting a ONE MINUTE CHART of gold for you. total volume done was 7,501 contracts. I can do a tick chart but I am not sure that will be of any use to you.


  3. Dan,

    The 1 min will be great. 7,501 x 100oz on Comex, some dump!


  4. Couldn't it just be the algos responding to the drop in gold?


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