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Friday, March 16, 2012

Trader Dan visits Turdland at the TF Metals Report Site

Yesterday my pal, Turd Ferguson, the owner and proprietor of TF Metals Report site, was gracious enough to do one of his now famous podcast interviews, with yours truly as his latest victim ( excuse me - that was a typo Turd - I was supposed to write 'guest'   :o)  ).

Seriously - the interview was a lot of fun for me personally but more importantly, we both hope it is helpful to those who are perhaps interested in some of the pitfalls that would-be traders face as they attempt to navigate through today's wildly volatile markets.

We covered quite a bit of ground about trading in general as well as sharing some personal thoughts about the problems facing the United States as we move forward into the future.

Stop by Turd's site and check out the interview when you can or click on the following link which will take you directly there.



  1. Loved it. Really nice you shared your experience about how you started trading and what not. Im semi new to trading and i remeber whipping out my first account the first month. Lesson hard learned. But im still learning and hope one day to make a living off of trading like you dan! Just going to stick with it keep reading and keep practicing.

  2. Great interview Dan. I find your knowledge invaluable as I'm sure many others do as well. We all appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to do these write ups as well as interviews like on KWN and TFMetals. You should consider adding a donate button to your blog. I think anyone that makes some fiat off of your advice my be inclined to "share the wealth". I know I have donated a few times on Turds sight to help not only with his overhead of maintaing the site, but for his advice and the knowledge gleaned from both him and his followers. I only donated $5.00, but if only a hundred people did this...

  3. Super interview Dan, both of guys seem like very decent people. I just really appreciate what both you and Turd bring to all of us laymen out here trying to protect ourselves. Thanks again......and may all of your profits be many orders of magnitude larger than your losses!


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