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Thursday, February 9, 2012

CME Group LOWERING margin requirements for Gold and Silver Contracts

                        Current Initial           New Initial             Current Maintenance           New Maintenance

GOLD                       $11,475              $8,500                        $10,125                            $7,500

SILVER                    $24,975               $18,500                      $21,600                           $16,000  


  1. Somehow, this is not an "enticing moment"? Seems like the vipers at the CME are welcoming "dead men walking". I think we are about to see some fireworks. Not sure of exactly when, but next week seems like a period of Big Investor Bank Harvesting of the Sheeple to me. Maybe I am wrong, but a welcoming mat like this when the CME is dying for volume, is setting someone up. Not me folks. Waiting for some more destruction somewhere.

  2. technically, we're setup to go higher. Good support at 1725, ES up, but gains are stagnating at 1350 resistance, Dr. C up, 10 year yields, up. DXY, down... Cartel is holding it down artificially. This may be just the thing we need to entice the specs back into the market and get those cockroaches on the run.

    Another 50 pip move on the EUR/USD to 133.5 tommorrow could give us the 40 point move in gold and 35 silver that we've been waiting for, getting the cartel caught with their pants down on the wrong side of the trade. It's rare, but it does happen. Sector rotation to a PM near you.

  3. I have to laugh anytime I see people use words/descriptions like the cartel. Call them what you want but they're just bulls and bears

  4. I re.read both comments. No bull or bear words listed. Are you just boys or ddi I hate opinions. I am am a future lng term gold bull. Who the f are you a lib punk


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