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Friday, December 30, 2011

Thankful for Gas Shale

One of these days the politicians are going to wake up and realize that America is sitting on so much natural gas that we could kiss the Mid-East and its problems goodbye if we actually took steps to convert to a larger use of this valuable "home-grown" natural resource.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to ignore the mullahs in Iran as demand for the only thing they have to sell of any value evaporates up into smoke.

Look at this price chart of natural gas and see what American ingenuity and technology can do when once it is unfettered and allowed to thrive. I for one am thankful that it does not cost a small fortune to heat one's home or generate the electricy produced during the summer when we are running air-conditioners to cool our homes. Imagine what we could do if we had more and more cars, buses, trucks, etc, running on natural gas or LNG.


  1. What do you think about the issue of fracking chemicals in drinking aquifers?

    Not true?

    No big deal?

  2. At a minimum we should be full steam ahead with the pipeline from Canada. Jobs and freedom from the Mullahs. From my perspective, which seems to be from a galaxy far, far way, is that we love to inflict pain on middle America. This is what our Ruler here in the US stated he wanted to do. Skyrocket Oil prices. Higher prices, less demand, less economic activity, less jobs, less work, more government oversight, etc..etc..etc. Yes, pipeline equals more jobs, lower prices, higher economic activity. Romer+Summers+Goolsbie+Barnes=manipulated markets and highest unemployment since GREAT DEPRESSION. Fix is Fire Obummer, open up gas fields, allow piepline, and monitor w/o EPA or any other BS government oversight.

  3. Anyone wonder why every single one of this Adminstrations "Economic Wonders" have quit and run from from a ship about to sink? Oh, I forgot, Wonderboy and Tax Cheat Geitner, is still there plugging for more QE. Will this pain ever stop? It may, except I hear that Corzine has begun creating a new combination "commodity trading and ballot" fund termed, revive America. Just pour in more $ and money, he will personally oversee the funding of fraudulent votes. It is easy as pie, just get his job back at GS, then bribe Blanfein and his buddies to create a fake ballot, poof, America is fixed again. This year is the year we find out if the markets remain fixed or get some relief. I remain heavily investing in prayer towards the "hope and change" of this administration.

  4. anyhow I'm a bit surprised by the current trend...twice over the last 5 years, we pushed through 10$, but now we are once again threatening the 3$ level.
    Do you think the prices here will ever go up?...or are bound to stay at (or under?) 3 $ for many years still?

  5. and a happy to new year to all :) :)

  6. i actually bought a contract of nat gas recently. I mean i think its absurd that its $3 right now. It looks completely oversold this market.

  7. Just beware of the futures carrying charges in this market. From what I read the target is $4.25 by the year 2013 unless there is some other fundamental factor to drive it higher.


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