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Monday, November 21, 2011

What's wrong with Europe? - Listen to my new hero Nigel Farage

This is my kind of leader!


  1. Been watching alot in the political arena to see what might happen next. Nigel was right on. Monti is a longtime Bilderberg "Executive". The march has turned into a sprint. I believe we are seeing the begginnings of a major run towards a "NWO" and changing world currency exchange. Call me nuts, but it appears "Sovereignty is under attack" from within.

  2. Dan, thanks for finding and sharing this video!! WOW! someone can still get up in a room full of grown ups and given them what they needed. Well they all laughed it off, but bravo!!

  3. Hi Dan...
    I'd like to tell you frankly what I think.
    I think the US and UK, the City are using Europe to hide as long as possible the trouble in their own countries.
    Farage is a guy of that world.
    UK are not even part of the Eurozone. They want it destroyed. Euro is a competitor with the dollar in a world where US, UK, Europe are bankrupt and need to borrow more and more, therefore becoming competitors.
    We are at war with you guys and I'm sorry for it.
    So they can shoot like this at Van Rompuy and all, don't think necessarily that he represents the people.

    For sure, we europeans are quite upset to see our democratic system being fooled. This will have to end soon or there will be more riots.

    For sure, we europeans are quite conscious that euro cannot keep going that way, because as long as this zone will have both germany and greece not paying its taxes and all, it is due to implode.

    But that's what european countries are trying to sort out now : put some strict rules and pressure on the PIIGS, so that Germany, on its side, makes an effort and agrees with limited and strictly controlled QE, etc...in exchange with a partial bail out of the countries, and therefore a loss of the private banks (which US and UK are so afraid of).

    And for sure also, the nostalgic of old nations, the ones who would like to see Euro explode, the ones who speak about germany controlled europe, are a minority.

    Here in Europe we are quite attached to our Euro, to our community of different nations, and I guess we'll sort our problems out better than you will.
    Future will tell.
    This guy can be your hero, to me he represents the new nationalist parties, rampant extreme right, in a suit of "democratism".
    No, we don't like to have "technocrats" from GS replacing some of our leaders. But I can tell you that they are also happy not to have laxist leaders such as Berlusconi or Papandreaou either.
    Many people here hope that PIIGS will put some order in their budgets, and if we need germans to remind us that simple commonsense rule of budget management, so be it.
    Let the brits (minority) be scared and fantasize about the european project. It's true that there is a dangerous lack of democracy lately. But I think it's temporary, as the people won't let this go on endlessly. On the other hand, it doesn't mean they hate the euro and what Europe means.
    So, in all this communication battle, I guess you can go have a look at the (pro euro indeed) Geab Leap publication, they write and translate in a way better english than I do, sorry about that.
    So yup, for once, I don't support Mr Nigel Farage, who is not a european, not a europeist, not inside the eurozone even. Who is Mr Farage to us?
    But the guy is charismatic, and yes, I had fun watching this video and see our technocrats get a lesson. For that, thank you Nigel.

  4. My wife is Danish. What is at stake here in the US, Britain and Europe Is the legitimacy of socialism. Its aparent viability in the 20th century was due in large measure to the new success and prosperity possible only through an international decoupling from gold. Depending on the tensacity with which Western nations defend their socialist mandate and commit to maintaning existing political borders, the traditionally popular foundations of democracy may also come into question as this tragedy unfolds.

  5. Hi Dan, thanks for posting the link. I've been watching Farage for about 4 years. A breath of fresh air. Some people should read the book "Currency Wars" to get a true understanding of why you want to control your own country's %rate and printing of money. The EU was a big mistake. At least their are many countries that should not been in the EU. Out of 20 years Greece has had a surplus for 1 year. For the last 10 years Ireland has had a surplus for 1 year, any wonder why they are having problems now?

    In the past Italy would have printed more Lira and worked their way out of this problem. They can't do that now. All these countries have given up their SOVEREIGNTY to the EU committee.

  6. Great, Dan, that you like Nigel. Breath of Fresh Air indeed! I live in the heart of Europe (Luxembourg). Europe, US and Britain have the same basic problem => NWO. Democracy, whatever that really means (mob rule?) is being trodden on and replaced by NWO dictators. France and Netherlands rejected the so called Lisbon Treaty via referendum (it was called a Constitution back then) and so we see that the voice of the people is not welcome in Europe. I believe that is very true in the UK as well since "they" (politicos) are absolutely and utterly terrified of a referendum there. See what happened to Papandreou of Greece - threatened with a hole in the head... not that I'm a fan of his. I think the same would have happened to Burlusconi had he not stepped down... I like the guy, actually!

    Here are some links concerning Nigel Farage:


    Nigel Farage is Britain's Gandhi

    UK Independence Party


  7. a common currency does not a union make henri.

    the difference between the southern periphery and germany is a thousand times the difference between florida and new york.

    the EU fails and takes the worlds economy with it.

    PM's the only way to weather this.

  8. I find Mr Farage's remarks about winning World War II and this "German dominated Europe" unacceptable. How more racist can you be? Germany has to be admired as being the best-organised big economy in the western world. That the Germans don't want to work for the retirement of all of Europe - and hense they want to impose lending conditions - seems to me to be sensible. The Greek Prime Minister was an idiot to have waffled after receiving promises for further credit, and then deciding to hold a referendum on the issue - on whose accord - within his own party? Aparently not! Is that what you call democracy?
    Trader Dan - here we are in yet another takedown of the gold market by our dear friendly English-speaking Gold Cartel,taking advantage of another option expiry.
    Which kind to dictatorship to you prefer - the German kind - when you run roughshod over the opinions and the freedom of many to protect the wealth and integrity of the whole. Or do you want the American system where you have two choices (political parties) giving you the same result -a system that doesn't work - dominated by manipulative ruthless people that would be put in jail if we didn't live in an "Animal Farm". All pigs are equal, but some pigs are more equal than others.


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