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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tommy Turkey and Sides are getting more expensive

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the cost of an annual Thanksgiving turkey dinner for 10 has risen this year to $49.20; a $5.73 increase over the cost of the same dinner last year ($43.47). That is an increase of a bit over 13%.

No worries however - keep moving; nothing to see here. Our illustrious lords that "cook" the official inflation numbers will no doubt be able to deal with this by substituting quail or cornish hens for Tommy and Timmy turkey.


  1. so your saying we finally achieved Price stability? hehe

  2. Only 13%? No problem!

    A can of diced no salt tomatoes used to be 54c...now 68c. That's a 25.9% increase....

  3. I wonder if Turkey Corzine, who 1)obviously either did not understand his liquidity needs, or 2)intentionally used "OPM" in order to try to cover is NOT COOKING IN THE OVEN YET. Very interesting reads on Harry's website. Unsure if Sommers is up to the challenge of actually taking down a large OBUMA donor, but I hope she grows some large ones very soon.


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