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Friday, September 16, 2011

Silver Chart Update

Silver continues to hold very firm at the horizontal red line drawn in on the price chart. Each time it has moved down to this level, a level which I might add is the intersection of TWO important support levels, it has drawn out solid buying and then moved higher. This region is a former congestion zone which seems to attract buyers and forces shorts to cover. The longer this impasse continues, the better for the bulls as it is basically base-building here.


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  2. Thanks for this, Dan. Clive Maund on Silverseek posted a very negative view of silver a few days ago. Another chartist took a positive view. I guess artistic interpretation is in the eye of the beholder!

  3. lo and behold!

    The other shills have their widdle blankie pulled to expose their basic and dumb ridden (because you can't fix stupid) ineptitude based solely in a self loathing of the ones who can sit tight and be right.

    Play that cor'deen Beaudreaux. Stretch that squeeze box to a languorous end. And when they all look away to where they will one day be rewarded for their doubts and fears and hoped for better days; a symphony comes from a dime store box, whose gentle rising return to equilibrium leaves even the fiercest amongst us awestruck at the wonder of it all.

    Sorry, got swept up in the spirit of Socialism. It happens now and then. Always after one more perfect day.

  4. @gpamerritt It's called bias....


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