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Monday, September 26, 2011

Market Volatility

My initial thoughts on this insanity is that we went from total despair overnight to downright euphoria in about 12 hours time. At this rate of mood swinging, those with bi-polar disorder are going to be looking downright tranquil and serene.

Another thought - all those brand new shorts who loved to chase momentum and sell prices lower just had their entire NEW and REVISED MARGIN requirements to trade silver wiped out. The move from near $26 to near $31 amounts to just a tad less than $25,000 per single contract. The new margin requirement will be raised at the end of today's session to $24,975.

At this rate, they will need to hike margin requirements to $35,000 for single futures contract.

One last thought - I think I waited too damn long to fill up my gas tank today. I should have done that overnight....


  1. Dan, yea the gas tank WOW, what a few days. Hey, I did something right today ... I bought some junk silver before the premiums went up. Caught that bit of info from Weekly Metals Wrap. As always, thanks for sharing your years of experience with us!!

  2. CFTC Provided Temporary Reporting Relief for Commodities 4 Days Prior to Beginning of Cartel Silver Raid

    Seems like anytime the boys announce a rules change that small investors are about to get taken to the cleaners...

  3. thanks for all the info Dan; it's been a crazy few days.

    The Doc - if that article is accurate, it absolutely stinks. Though it only serves to confirm suspicions that the CFTC are nothing more than a charade.


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