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Sunday, September 11, 2011

In Memory of those who lost their lives a decade ago today

Over the weekend, a ceremony was held to dedicate a memorial to the citizen heroes of United Airlines Flight 93, who gave their lives to prevent that plane from being used as a weapon in the massive attack against our nation this day exactly ten years ago. Their selfless efforts are now memorialized in a field in Shanksville, Pa, where the downed airliner crashed into the ground killing all aboard. Who knows how many other of their fellow citizens were saved by their courageous actions of that day.

Both former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton gave deeply moving speeches at that commemoration, which I am linking to here for those who might want to take a bit of time out of their schedules to remember their sacrifice and to also reflect on where you were that day and the emotions you were experiencing as you watched the reports coming out of New York City, Washington DC and of course, Shanksville, Pa.



  1. The ceremonies were beautiful and very moving. I'm very proud to live next door to the USA. I love the USA.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuC_4mGTs98

  3. September 12; HUI down 10 but Vista Gold (VGZ) up >20%. Wow, was that a short squeeze or did some money manager finally shake off the fog of market propaganda and get some exposure to gold?

  4. how many times have i imagined rushing that cockpit full of fools w/razor blades (if i was there)

    if you gotta go, that would be a good way.

  5. Dan would you give an updated on silver and gold please, thank a lot signore

  6. ok Dan, vacation is over :) back to work ehehe j/k

    i'd like to see gold and silver charts please

    cheers mate


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