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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Trader Dan on King World News Weekly Metals Wrap

Please click on the link below to listen to my regular weekly radio interview with Eric King on the KWN Weekly Metals Wrap.



  1. Hi, thanks a lot for charring you market views. I have a question regarding QE3. In your view, what might happen to gold and silver if Bernanke does not announce QE3 in the Jackson Hole meeting? Also is there a risk for the CME to pull a 'silver crash' on gold by raising margins? I’m a bit nervous about gold because I think that it’s the leveraged speculators that have taken it so high not the physical buyers. Am I wrong here?

  2. Hi Dan: Your Weekly Metals Wrap is always top notch and many people who watch precious metals are curious to see whether silver will break the historic $50US mark as it appears to be climbing again in price. If silver breaks $50 with substantial progress through $65 by October, do you think silver will become the metal of choice for small investors?

    Since most people do not have $1,000 of emergency funds on hand according to a recent Bob Chapman interview, I'm thinking the small investor who cannot afford gold will be soon more likely to take an interest in silver both for it's affordability and forward price potential.

    It's odd but even the fair market price for silver of $110 to $120 as Eric Sprott pointed out in his recent interview on King World News seems cheap for small investors especially compared to gold.

    I would expect a break though $50 on silver will shift silver into the headline news like never before and think many wounded investors struggling to maintain financial solvency will finally see this as a last resort to preserve and possibly even grow some personal asset value.

    How do you feel about this? And Jim Sinclair (I love your site also)--how do you feel about this?
    The News UNIT

  3. Should have bought at 34 but I dithered because of the uncertainty layed out by that idiot back in the fall that took a multi million dollar short postion in silver betting that it would fall to 25 by summer. Close but no cigar. This level is scary as well because as we say last fall in silver's run up, there were margin hikes that played havoc with silver price when it started to move above 30 and then again a few more times as price increased. The moment of decision has arrived. I am encouraged by the strong action of this week and as Dan mentioned, 41.50 resistance morphed into support level wih is bullish. Gonna just close my eyes, hold my breath, and buy 1000 oz of silver tonight before Asia open. What ever happened to that guy that made that million dollar bet, Dan?


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