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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Eric King interviews Jim Sinclair and Trader Dan for a special report on the mining shares

Eric King of King World News, this weekend, interviewed my good friend and legendary trader Jim Sinclair, and myself, to get our thoughts on the recent price action of the mining shares. I highly recommend that our readers take a bit of time to listen carefully to this piece. I think you will come away both enlightened and encouraged by what you hear.



  1. Hi Dan, thank you and Jim for trying to talk some sense into people about the mining shares they own. Selling them now into weakness is playing right into those who have conspired to bring down the miners. Please look into the action(volume) that occuring on 6/17/11 on GBG starting 15 minute before the close of trading and then into the after market. Can this be construed as normal activity?

  2. Thanks Dan. Generally buy/hold type & would not consider selling at these levels and each day only makes my resiliency to hold stronger. Still have cash on hand in the event continued take downs occur. We're nowhere close to frenzy in the gold/silver space; until its the bellweather industry of the various exchanges and ones neighbour is even chiming in on the next hot mining stock, i'm a holder, s/t miner specific risks.

  3. Thankyou Dan (and Jim) for helping to boost the confidence of the little guys with weak hands stay in the game.

  4. Looks like we are finally getting some kind of rally in the miners. I would like to say that Jim Sinclair and you, Dan, have to take some credit for this by your timely KWN interview. I was seeing a lot of people ready to throw in the towel on the miners. This would have been right into the hands of the shorts, maybe it is time for them to take it in the shorts!


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