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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bonds rescued right on schedule once again (It's a miracle!)

The Long Bond, after putting in a bearish engulfing pattern in Wednesday's session saw solid followthrough selling in the overnight session and into early Thursday morning. About mid morning Thursday they began to recover after being down nearly a full point at one time. By the time the session closed, they had managed to come all the way back and ended up closing only 3 ticks lower. Once again they were rescued just as they were breaking down technically on the price charts (don't you love our free markets here in the US).

The Fed has to love the hedge funds rushing out of risk trades and stuffing money into the bond market. What QE-related purchases of Treasuries could not accomplish (lower longer term interest rates), the risk off trades have performed. With the Fed supposedly going out of the bond buying business at the end of next month, someone has to buy these paper IOU's.

Look for more bond selling if the equity markets can mount any sort of strong rally. If the equities give up the ghost and begin fading, the bond bears will receive the usual ignominious treatment that they are getting accustomed to receiving from this market.

Either the stock market rallies or the bond market rallies; both are not going to go up together. Let's see which poison the Fed chooses to administer to the public.


  1. It's like they are throwing everything they have to keep the situation from degrading much further before announcing QE3.

  2. Dan,
    you say: "Once again they were rescued just as they were breaking down technically on the price charts (don't you love our free markets here in the US)" and "Nothing like a rigged market to destroy a solid technical signal"
    Off course I agree with you about the market's manipulation BUT the question is: Why use technical analysis if you know the dice are loaded against the investors? I found the charts to have no value. Do you? Thank you for your comment.

  3. "The demand for the on-the-run securities by short traders keeps demand high at auction."

  4. linkedin ipo price explosion vs. glencore's ipo flat response indicates irrational exurberance and its ultimate soon fall.


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