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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

4 Hour Silver Chart

Silver pushed past resistance at the top of its narrow range which came in near $36. It ran higher in very early Asian trade but has not been able to extend its gains and push beyond $37. It has a band of overhead resistance near $37.50 that will be formidable and will need to give way if it is going to make a push towards $40.


  1. Like the stochastic on the bottom better than the %R etc. The stochastic is a great visual of momentum. Thanks Dan

  2. Dear Dan,

    Thanks for the clarity of your comments.
    I have a specific question about Silver : what is the point to reserve a bar, for example as Bullionvault suggests? Costs are higher, and silver is already "allocated" in the first place.
    Besides, to reserve a bar means to put your name under it, while the vault is in London and I hear about metal confiscation, exceptional events leading to exceptional actions...
    Should I reserve my silver bars if I can?
    Thanks a lot for your highlights,


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