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Friday, April 8, 2011

Trader Dan predicts UConn to win the NCAA tournament

Yes, I know what you are thinking - how does he do it? What kind of uncanny abilities does he possess to predict after the fact such a victory?  Along that same line, check out the following headline:

Please note - I have no problems with firms making FOREcasts. But that is the point - it is a FOREcast, not an AFTERcast. Anyone could tell you that the average price for the year is going to be higher, AFTER the fact.

Where were these firms a year ago when investors could have actually profited if they had made a FORECAST back then.

The article goes on to state that MS predicts an average price of $31.39 for 2011. Is that gutsy or what?

DJ MARKET TALK: Morgan Stanley Ups Silver 2011 Forecast By 20%

Fri Apr 08 11:31:58 2011 EDT
Article headline courtesy of Dow Jones Newswire.


  1. Ha! I saw that too and thought their price target must have been a typo or something.

  2. Now that is good stuff! ..........also great KWN interview Dan.
    Thanks, as always.


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