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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Trader Dan on King World News Weekly Metals Wrap

Please click here to listen to my regular weekly radio interview with Eric King of King World News on the Weekly Metals' Wrap.



  1. KWN Weekly Metals Wrap is in my opinion one of the best reports on the planet. You guys are like the Big Chicago Superstation of Silver and Gold reports. This is not flattery; this is just being honest. You are on my blogspot:

    The News UNIT

  2. Excellent, excellent commentary as always Dan. Thanks for all your hard work - it is greatly appreciated.

  3. The News UNIT is keeping up on the charts tonight. As soon as Dan leaves a new post can someone let me know? Thanks.

    I don't know how these guys chart new uncharted territory but all the networks are starting to talk now. We could see a major rush into buying bullion now across the USA.

    I also think Jim Sinclair's $1650 gold price could happen this week....developing....

    The News UNIT Blogspot

  4. hi,
    I listen to KWN metals wrap. I heard theres is no delivery problems except for silver eagles. I also heard from Indian Jewelery store saying they have a supply problem and delivery is 4 weeks out for any silver bars.

    Now that dollar is testing its low. James turk says there will be a waterfall decline in dollar at some point and also says if breaks that previous low of 2008 we might see that. given that gold, silver have still long way to go for next two or three years in its bull cycle. dollar is going to show strength probably starting this week or next week. that said there could be a major correction in commodities. because oil is typically goes down in the month of may. so i think all gold, silver and oil are heading for some correction in near term. Now US would not let its dollar until the new reserve currency SDR is put in place. Now BRICS nation gave statement saying they are supportive of SDR's as new reserve currency. now in order to get that transition it is going to take time and until then dollar should have strength. maybe that transition could happen end of next year. when oil we are going to pay $7 a gallon, gold maybe $3000 and silver probably $100. so this means dollar should not go beyond 72 to avoid the waterfall decline in USD.

    now in india gold, silver are brought to country by the bullion bank controlled by indian government. Jewelery store people are saying they have supply problem in london market and it is delayed for 4 weeks but they are asking to pay the current price. now is the indian bullion bank playing the game to bring the price down as india is one of the biggest consumer of gold and silver. now by not taking delivery for 4 weeks are they trying to create more supply and take price down. is this orchestrated by central banks or big banks.

    could please tell me if iam thinking wrong??

    I would like to learn how to see the markets move and analyse how they work.

    if you could explain where iam wrong that would be helpful. iam not against gold or silver. i invest all my money in gold and silver.

    could also explain in your blog how to analyse the market moves and what they indicate or I mean how do you think when something happens in market and how do you link things going in market.

    Thanks a lot for your time.


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