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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tell me that Political Leaders don't put pressure on Ratings Agencies

Fox News is reporting a story that contributes further towards my cynicism towards political leaders, manely that the Obama Administration was pressuring the ratings agency S&P, not to downgrade the credit outlook for the US government as they did from "stable" to "negative".

Here is the headline:

Obama Officials Tried to Convince S&P Not to Issue Credit Warning

Published April 20, 2011
| FoxNews.com

I find this particular galling giving the fact these reckless spenders have created a situation in which the US Dollar is sinking under the weight of this massive debt load and continued monetary policy foolishness. Instead of wasting time twisting the arms of the rating agency, which is finally doing what it should be doing and sounding an appropriate warning, these people who help create this unmitigated disaster should be doing what responsible statesmen should be doing, namely stop spending the damn money that they do not have.

The more stories like this surface, the worse the light it puts the US government in and the more it leads to skepticism that anything will be done to address the most monumental issue of our day.

You can read the entire story here:



  1. Having witnessed the greatest Liefest in the History of Man over the last 10 years from US politicians, is it really surprising that they would try to pull a GodFather offer even on God, let alone the S&P rating agency. These people have no respect for Truth and they have demonstrated this time and time again.

  2. Dan, I would ask you to consider running for city council of a small town, or county commissioner. From personal experience being elected to a small city council, it is hugely rewarding to make positive change locally.

    Thank you for your site and commentary.

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  4. plankside;

    don't tempt me! I am so disgusted with Washington that i am tempted to run for office there. we do have some pretty good reps from our state there fortunately.

  5. Dan, you rock. I love your honesty And your "TELL IT LIKE IT IS ATTITUDE!" Thank you for your insight and know-how. The world is no place to be in if we think that we can sit back and let things figure themselves out. Praise the Lord. At least He knows the outcome! Again, thank you for your gifted knowledge...!


  6. Somebody in government has to start telling the American people the truth about our alternatives. We can either cut entitlements and do with less or lose them all to bankruptcy. Either we take less Medicare or risk losing it all. A lot less unemployment or no more insurance at all. Raise the bar on food stamps qualifications or risk losing the entire system. She's ready to blow folks. People are beginning to realize government is not the answer but the problem. Why in the hell should we listen to recommendations from them when it is they who are so irresponsible
    and irrational with their budgets? This is madness.


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