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Friday, April 29, 2011

Significant short covering has been occuring in Silver

Please see the comments on the chart below as this drop in open interest is a reason for a bit of caution in approaching this market. As long as the shorts cover, prices will move higher but one has to be careful to watch for when they might finish up covering.

A push through $50 will force more of this short covering and should attract more buying from the general public but the managed money is still a net seller for the last four weeks. Again - caution is warranted especially with the big hike in margins.


  1. Dan,

    What do you think happened around April 11th when SLW disconnected from the price of Silver?


    Bill M

  2. billmasi - many of the shares have been acting as if they do not believe the rise in the metals is going to be sustained. Either the metals must eventually move lower or the shares must move higher as the dichotomy between the two is approaching critical mass.

  3. Dan, thanks for your blog. Question if I may, what impact does the tightness in the physical market have on long term prices if shorts do stop covering? How does supply / demand enter into the equation?


  4. Dan, thank you for this. This post plus the commentary on the Silver COT answers my questions on the interlinked dynamics of the CME margin hikes on small spec and managed money which I asked on your earlier post on the margin hike news.

    I can't wait to hear your next interview this weekend with Eric and if you could touch on this more, we'd be grateful!


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