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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FOMC gives Precious Metals Bulls reasons for cheer

The market has obviously interpreted the FOMC news and the comments from Fed Chairman Bernanke as a signal that they are unconcerned about the effect of their policy on the US Dollar, which is sinking further into the abyss. This has traders and investors moving strongly into the gold and silver markets, with gold soaring into a new all time high in nominal terms and silver shooting up a whopping 5%.

Meanwhile, the Dollar has now convincingly broken down below critical chart support near 74 on the USDX and looks on target to sink as low as 72. I have said it several times here on this site and over at jsmineset - if the Dollar breaks down below 72 on that chart and cannot recover that level within a couple of sessions, we will be witnessing the historic demise of the currency and the probable end of its role as the global reserve currency.

Thanks Ben and thanks to all the Fed governors whose foolish, inept, and short-sighted idiocy has set this nation on a path that will make the IMF prediction of its sliding into second place behind China, indeed come to pass. No nation ever kept its place of economic ascendancy by deliberately killing its own currency. An economically strong nation, with a solid manufacturing sector, the rule of law, an ethic of thrift, low taxes, reasonable regulation, etc, will by default have a strong currency.

The plight of the Dollar is now a commentary on the decline of our beloved nation. It speaks with a more pure voice than any analyst could ever aspire to and what it is crying is disheartening to an extreme for those with ears to hear it.

History has the advantage of being relatively objective in its analysis as it is removed from the passions of the era. It is with that in mind that I can confidently say it will render a harsh and severe criticism of those who led our nation and its monetary policy during this period as they presided over its decline.


  1. Wondering when the Revolution will begin.

  2. It started long ago. Buy and hold physical.

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  4. If I may Trader Dan....I think this picture says it all:


  5. Dan, I have a few questions for you:

    Ben said that passed June, the Fed will keep its balance sheet at constant level, meaning that they will reinvest the proceeds of maturing Treasuries and MBS. Now what if they sell back to the financial system a part of the toxic MBS and re-invest those proceeds into more treasuries? Would that be possible? That would in fact be QE3 by the back door, pushing the excess leverage back into the financial system. But that doesn’t matter as FASB allows mark to fantasy model. And the investment banksters are only there for their commission per trade and bonuses at the end of the year.

    If this is what they are planning to do then what will happen with those toxic MBS that the financial system would absorb? Where will they stuff them? Could they sell them to Pension Funds? By the way, that could be as high as another 1.5 trillion in disguised QE or better said, more than enough for next year’s budget deficit.

    Does that make any sense or am I totally off the track?

  6. Silver will make a new all-time high this week.

  7. Gold has started to become an asset that is gaining even more attention from the financial and investment markets. Normally gold is correlated to the US dollar. As the value of the dollar decreases the price of buying gold coins increases, this is not necessarily the case anymore. Showing even more staying power gold has shown to also increase in value along with the US dollar. This has broken the general rule that gold is an asset that only has value in times of economic stress.


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