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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

HUI on the move

The HUI is putting in a strong showing today and although some issues in the sector are badly lagging, others are extremely strong and that strength is pulling the entire index higher.

The ADX is rising indicating an upside trending move is currently underway. Directional movement indicators do not yet appear to be at extreme levels suggesting this thing has further to run to the upside.

That is confirmed by the moving averages which are all rising and in a bullish trending posture.


  1. Loving it... Seeing nice gains today in CDE, AG, GPL, and EXK. Silver and Gold looking like the 'go to' safe haven plays and it looks like the miners are holding up well in the face of the broader market sell off. We've being waiting for this kind of move...


  2. Dan, I have been reading your analysis on Mineset for quite awhile. Your insights are remarkably clear and comprehensible. I just would like to thank you for the hours of fascination that I have had consuming your pearls of wisdom, and profiting as well.



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