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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gold finding resistance near $1402

Gold is stronger today but is having difficulty moving above $1402 and holding that level. For now it is attracting selling here even with the weakness in the US Dollar.


  1. Interesting how the PMs have not rebounded the same way Oil and Copper have. Even Treasuries took a haircut today but the PMs are essentially flat these couple of days.

  2. RickR,
    I agree with you .Lets see stock markets are up, dollar down big time, CPI came in higher than expected ( no surprise there ).Almost all commodities are up especially copper and oil and the PMs just up barely.It just goes to show you that the PMs market are so manipulated it is a joke. Forget the CFTC they could care less .
    Eventually the demand for physical gold/silver will drive them higher and even all this manipulation will not be able to stop it!

  3. RickR, that occurred to me too about the PMs. Hard not to look at that and ask, "Manipulation?"


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